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It's Not Plagiarism if You Link to It

Ah, the SEC finally wins the Heisman... (HT:  Loser With Socks)

I really don't give a damn about the ESPN Tostitos Allstate Heisman trophy.  It's fun to see one of your guys in the discussion, and my great-grandpappy tells me it's fun to see one of your guys win it, even if the moving pictures don't have any sound.  Nevertheless, the voting is driven by ESPN.  In fact, The Worldwide Leader could take all the accounting work out of this and just have Corso and Herbstreit choose the winner.  For the record, I would have voted for Dennis Dixon; any player who takes his team to #2 in the country, is single-handedly dismantling his opponent, then blows out his knee and watches from the sideline as his team enters the death spiral is deserving of the award.  Nevertheless, some of the best stuff from the past week is on Tim Tebow's Heisman win:

Stiff Arm Trophy, which is sorta obsessed with this thing, has chronicled the ballots of as many voters as it can find.  The strangest ballot of them all belongs to the Quad City Times' own Don Doxsie, who inexplicably voted #1 Tebow/#2 Graham Harrell/#3 Rashard Mendenhall.

Speaking of obsessed, Loser With Socks is still bitching about Peyton Manning's 1997 loss to Charles Woodson, apparently because a quarterback's ability to fold under pressure should not be taken into account.  In fact, LWS is absolutely correct.  Let's rescind Saturday's vote and give the trophy to Erik Ainge, who can fold himself into the shape of a swan.

Erik Ainge, 4th quarter, SEC Championship

The far superior argument is made by the Nation of Islam Sports Blog:

3360 yards and 23 TD's passing.

1008 yards and 17 TD's rushing.

Yup. Hard to argue 3000+ yards passing and 1000+ yards rushing not being Heisman worthy. We aren't inclined to fact check, but (unless told differently) we assume that this has never been done before.

When you put the numbers on the table, we can all agree. Numbers like these and doing something that has never been done before deserve the Heisman.

Case closed. And, since Tebow/Florida fans made the case based on stats and historic achievement, we are sure that they won't have any argument with the verdict:

Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour deserves the Heisman. The stats listed are his.

In typical NOISB fashion, the logic is impeccable.  The argument is indefatigable.  The ties are bow-shaped.

In non-Heisman news, BHGP has won another* award.  Lake the Posts has given us the "Kevin O'Neill Award" for excellence in profanity.  Our parents are very proud.

Dirty Laundry has combined the sheer entertainment of the Bo Pelini inauguration with quotes from The Departed.  By the way, in all my years on this planet, I have never seen a more passive-aggressive press conference than the Pelini introduction.  They ended the presser only when they could think of no other ways to smugly snark Peterson and Callahan.  It was like watching Napoleon return from Elba, then making 60 jokes about the Bourbons without specifically saying their name.

Soon-to-be-named Deadspin SHOTY Kige Ramsey has Christmas fever, baby.

Finally, courtesy of We Are the Postmen, the greatest drunk hockey fan video ever:

* - By another, I mean this is our first award.