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Iowa/Minnesota Week: Les Bloggeurs

[On an unrelated note, Orson Swindle has handed the keys of EDSBS over to Jebus and some friends for the weekend. Go for the Jebus, stay for the ambiguously pr0nographic advertising. Encourage him! Laugh! Enjoy sports-related comedy!]

As gameday barrels toward us, it has occurred to us that perhaps some masochistic fans may be interested in the Minnesota branch of Blogfrica. To that end, readers, we are perfectly willing to be faintly civil. There are two Minnesota blogs of note, actually. And, we must grudgingly admit... they're not bad.

The first is Gopher Nation, a title which ought to be hilarious since a map of "Gopher Nation" would look suspiciously like the state of Minnesota. Amazingly, it's presented without a hint of irony; that makes it sort of sad, like anything by the Spin Doctors.

So, Gopher Nation, anything to say about this week's game?

I'm trying to not completely ignore football, but it is hard. If I had any indication this defense could stop Eden Prairie, then this would be a week to look forward to. Iowa is terrible and beatable, but Minnesota would have to put together their best game of the year and I just don't see that happening.

Oh come on. Smack talk like that is the Gopher equivalent of conceding a 56-point loss to any team other than Iowa. Booooo, Gopher Nation! Boooooooooooo!!

Also moderately-to-effortlessly readable is the wonderfully titled Paging Jim Shikenjanski, which I'm overjoyed to announce I spelled correctly on the first try. I'm sure we can expect some trash coming from PJS, right?

Brewster Is Very, Very Easy To Make Fun Of

And that's on a title linking back to HS's disturbingly accurate fake interview here. For crying out loud, gents, this war of words is almost as lopsided as this week's game is going to be! I just accused your starting quarterback (twice removed) to hobo-related activities, HS intimated that Brewster was a joke the Gophers never got, and we get nothing? Whose sexuality do I have to question to get a rise out of you two? Obviously not Goldy, because there's no question about this.

You see what you're reducing me to? I don't even like gay jokes.

I don't care if Minnesota's 1-8, gents. Or 1-9. It's one and a lot, that's what matters. We need hostility from up north. It's the yin to our yang, the see to our saw. The shit to our shinola.

Now let's hear something already.