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Iowa/Minnesota Week: "Where Are They Now?" vol. 3

As part of our Iowa Hawkeye and Big Ten coverage, we, the writers of Black Heart/Gold Pants, will periodically visit with icons from Big 10 history and see how their lives have changed since college football. Our first visit with former Iowa quarterback Brad Banks is here, and Michigan's Mike Hart was profiled here. Today, we visit with former Minnesota quarterback Asad Abdul-Khaliq.

The fearsome warrior takes aim.

After the turn of the century, one of the most terrifying sights in the Big Ten was Asad Abdul-Khaliq dropping back to pass. The dual-threat QB led the Gophers to a 28-21 record in his four seasons at Minnesota, but he saved the best for his senior season. In 2003, the Gophers put forth a scintillating 10-3 campaign, complete with a victory in the Sun Bowl. Abdul-Khaliq finished his career second in passing yards at Minnesota behind the immortal Cory Sauter. Moreover, he destroyed the school record books with 55 touchdowns thrown, easily besting Sauter's 40. Unfortunately, Abdul-Khaliq's fame and accolades were short-lived; the equally brilliant Bryan Cupito stepped in immediately afterwards and again rewrote Minnesota history. Never ones to ignore football history, we at BHGP asked, where is he now?

    At this moment, Asad Abdul-Khaliq is digging through my garbage, looking for food.

Get out of there, you bastard! You're what's wrong with this country!