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I had several people call me out because I was disgusted that I was forced to rank Penn State. I think this is a case of entitlement that I wouldn't normally expect from... oh wait, yes I would. Listen, you aren't very good and all the chest pounding in the world isn't going to change that. Look at it from my perspective, if that's possible. Let's break down what you've accomplished this year and you try to tell me what you "deserve".

Pointless Wins:
Florida International, Buffalo, Notre Dame
Those are 3 of the worst programs in the country and beating them means nothing. Yes, everyone plays cupcakes, I get it, but don't come at me talking about your 7 wins. If you beat your illegitimate kid to your beer light before he pulls it down on his head, do you brag that you won a race?
Fuck, you probably do. Moving on.

Meh Wins: Iowa, @Indiana, Purdue
Congratulations! You beat a few unranked mediocre teams in an average conference, only one of which was away from home. Don't be boastful, it does not look good on you, nor does that seedy, patchy, crusty beard. You don't look like a rocker or a biker, you look like you've been trapped in a well. Lose the attitude and shave that shit.

Decent Win: Wisconsin
You hammered a then 19th-ranked Wisconsin team at home. You looked sharp and played hard. Sadly, it's the one time all year when I thought you were even remotely impressive -- and you've played 10 times. It was a decent win, nothing more.

Losses: @ Michigan, @ Illinois, Ohio State
You looked better in your losses than you did in 6 of your "wins". Michigan has shown to be a good team that just happened to take the first 2 weeks of the season off. Illinois is coached by the ZookHook, and thus, cannot be counted on for anything but a dizzying array of talented kids making bad decisions in weak schemes. Iowa beat them, so let's not get too carried away here. Ohio State is the best team in the country and there's no shame in this game.

So, before you go spouting off about what you deserve, look at what you've done. Listen, the top 25 aint exactly the Ritz-Carlton this year, we all know that, but you should be thankful you're there at all. From what I've seen, you're more of a Motel 6 kinda team this year. Now, go take care of Temple and you'll find yourself playing in January whether you deserve it or not.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Oregon 2
3 Kansas 2
4 Oklahoma 2
5 LSU 2
6 Missouri 3
7 West Virginia 1
8 Michigan 2
9 Arizona State 6
10 Boise State 2
11 Hawaii --
12 Boston College 10
13 Connecticut --
14 Texas --
15 Georgia --
16 Auburn 1
17 Southern Cal 1
18 Virginia Tech 3
19 Clemson 7
20 Alabama 4
21 Florida 3
22 Virginia 3
23 Tennessee 3
24 Penn State 2
25 Florida State 1

Dropped Out: South Florida (#19), Wisconsin (#20), South Carolina (#22), Wake Forest (#23).