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Mark Dantonio may want to re-think the whole "talking" thing

For all the drama, intensity, and glory that Michigan's recent 28-24 victory over MSU gave us, perhaps the best part came after the game ended. No, not Chad Henne face-planting, but that's way up there. No no, Michigan exacted a most brutal revenge without saying a word. From the article:

In early September, Dantonio asked the press if he should have a moment of silence for Michigan the day Appalachian State beat the Wolverines. Apparently, word got back to Ann Arbor about the comments. Not surprisingly, it fired up the team.

That led to the team's post-game kneeling in the middle of Spartan Stadium Saturday night - the Wolverines returned the favor with a moment of silence for Michigan State. After that, they simply got up, bowed to the Spartan Stadium faithful and headed back to the locker room to celebrate their 28-24 win.

We understand--sort of--what Dantonio was trying to do. He's a former Ohio State guy, so he's got double the incentive to take Michigan down a notch whenever he's got a chance. Still, Dantonio's smack sounded an awful lot like Stephen Ames taking a shot at Tiger. Michigan, like Tiger, was forced to deliver a very painful reminder that when you put your nuts on the stump, sometimes they're going to get chopped off.

Anything more to say, Wolverines?

Oh, right.


HT: The Realests.