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I've always wondered why they don't make more video games into movies. I know they tried with the Super Mario Brothers, and it was either a piece of shit or awesome beyond words, depending on the amount of faith to the original games that you expected. I was always sort of creeped out by Dennis Hopper and his cornrows, plus the whole head-shrinking thing with the Koopas was a little unnecessarily morbid by "Super Mario" standards. But why not try making a movie about the Legend of Zelda? Or Castlevania? Hell, I'd even watch one about Kirby's Adventures*. Anyway, the same guys who made that Punch-Out trailer also did one for Contra, and it's even more over the top than Punch-Out. Which is to say it's AMAZING.

But I digress.

The Northwestern game is finally at hand, and while we won't be able to participate in the open thread today (Hawkeye State is in Evanston, and JHC and I are out of town), we'll be watching the game and leaving sarcastic messages in spirit. You all know the rules, and one of us will be back sometime this evening to clean up the mess.

Let's hear your predictions, in-game thoughts, and postgame eulogies. One of these teams is headed to Detroit this year, and that's a fate worse than death. So welcome to the NU fans still pouring over from the indispensable LTP, but we're going to request that you join us in a prayer circle for Iowa today, as we ask 8 pound, 6 ounce Baby Jesus to give the Hawkeyes STEEL IN ZEE HEART, STEEL IN ZEE ARMS, STEEL IN ZEE HEAD!

And as JHC says:


*I actually would neither watch this movie nor recommend it to a single friend.