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Iowa Recruits Give In to Their Fear of Commitment

Lost in the kerfluffle of the Kirk Ferentz/Bill Martin secret game of footsie was the de-commitment of two incoming Iowa recruits over the Thanksgiving weekend: 3-star wideout Russell Ellington and 3-star running back Jason Ford both switched schools.  Where did they decide to go instead?


Yes, yes, it's true.  Not only is ZookHook an expert on water skiing, showing off the guns, pissing excellence, and Chinatown hair salons/brothels, but he is apparently also a recruiting buccaneer.  The Zooker will be rollin' into next season with our recruits.  Word is he sent photos and videos of the Illini faithful meeting his team at the airport following the Ohio State beatdown.  Unknown is whether he sent any photos or videos of the three Illinois fans who met the team bus after they imploded at Kinnick.

No word yet on why these two decided to jump off the good ship Iowa (I'm feeling very nautical today), but I'm sure the booing of a senior on senior day, the lost to a certain direction of Michigan, the (probable) lack of a bowl game, and the Ferentz rumors probably had something to do with it.