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Today is Kirk Ferentz's Day of Reckoning

Look. The rumors are all there. We're happy to note that MGoBlog was cited, albeit clumsily, by WHO last night; the link is dead, but the crux of the link was as such:

"I've sat on this a couple days waiting for some third-party corroboration and now I have it: Kirk Ferentz has been offered the Michigan job," wrote Brian Cook of the Wolverine blog, M-Go, which is considered both credible and reliable.

ESPN, are you taking notes?

Add to that this thread on, which certainly smells believable. Nobody's calling BS, and there's none of that supreme confidence that usually accompanies a ruse. Obviously this rumor is far from verified, but the onus is now on Michigan and Iowa to start issuing confirmations and/or denials.

And Mark Farley may want to put his agent on high alert.

Got an inside tip? Feel like lying to the website? Think Pierre Pierce is taking over for Ferentz? Drop us a line at BlackHeartGoldPants at gmail dot com..