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An Open Letter to Iowa Fans

Dear Iowa fans,

Fuck you.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you again.

I spent seven hours in the car yesterday. For five of them, I was stewing in anger over Adam Shada getting booed on Senior Day.

Booing anybody is bad enough. If someone's playing bad enough to be booed, they're very aware of it and they don't need a reminder.

But to boo a kid when he's introduced on Senior Day? Are you fucking insane? This is the culmination of four years of hard, hard work that most of you assholes in Dallas Clark replica jerseys wouldn't be able to stand for a week. While everyone else around him was getting arrested or transferring, Adam Shada was busting his ass and earning a letter for four straight years.

I hope you're all subjected to the same sort of hypocritical humiliation that comes with being booed on Senior Day. In front of his family, on the one occasion set aside to celebrate his devotion and dedication to the program, you booed. You jeered a young man who, though he may not be bound for the NFL, is far more of a cornerback than you are a decent human being.

I don't know what sort of silver spoons you assholes think come with season tickets. Trust me, there are two or three programs in the Big Ten who would even have the privilege and pedigree to start choosing which of their seniors to celebrate, and Iowa's not one of them. And none of the powerhouses--not even d-bag central, Ohio State--got that way via prickish behavior in the stands.

Next time, next season? Stay home. I don't care if attendance drops to 40,000. Coming to an Iowa game to boo is one of the worst fucking things you can do for the team and for the program. You think nobody on the sidelines noticed that cheap shot to the nuts you fuckfaces were lobbing at Shada? You think nobody cared that their teammate was getting booed by his own fans on what was supposed to be the best day of his career? You think it was just dumb luck that Western Michigan torched Iowa's secondary? Stay home. Iowa doesn't fucking need you.

Christ. If this shit keeps up I might as well be a Panther fan. You think anyone will notice if I write "Northern" before "Iowa" on my degree?