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POLL: What concerns you more about the Iowa football team?

We at BHGP would like to know a little more about how the hawk polloi feels regarding the football program at this point. We know you're, to put it mildly, upset; we are too. Is it the W/L record? Is it the rash of run-ins with the law? Are the worse transgressions happening on or off the field?

  • Athletic performance: 19-18 record since 2005 season; 11-13 in Big Ten since 2005 season; 3-7 record in last 10 games against Iowa State; no bowl wins since 2004

  • Citizenship: 42% attrition rate since 2003; 14 arrests of 11 players in last seven months; sexual assault investigation involving three football players

Any additional thoughts, as always, may go in the comments section below. We're happy to hear 'em.