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You will get nothing and like it, Orange-Man!

I didn't scout Western Michigan. This week isn't about them. We've had a long and brutal season filled with injuries, arrests, and disappointment. This isn't about any of that either. This game is about one thing, one person, Albert Young.
Whenever things got rough this year, and I felt like giving up, I thought about AY. This guy is everything you could ask for in an athlete. He shows up, gives everything he’s got, and never complains. He’s worked his ass off the whole time he’s been at Iowa, through injuries (last season he was left hobbling around on one leg all season and the coaching staff never reported the severity of his injury, hanging him with the tag of a disappointing season, thanks coach!), poor game planning (you think you’re frustrated with running it up the middle into a wall of tacklers? try being the guy who has to take the beating), and a group of teammates who are more interested in getting arrested than getting a national championship. Iowa needs to win this game today in order to get to a bowl game. It doesn’t matter what bowl we go to. We’re a bad team, we all know it, so let's not be snarky about its pedigree. This is about Albert getting to play one more game. Albert’s not going to the NFL, or the CFL, or the AFL. This is it for him. His whole life all he’s thought about is playing football and if we win today, he gets to play one more time.

So, here’s the thing: Give Albert the ball and let him carry the team to a win. I promise you he will not allow us to lose this game.

If this is your last game, AY, let me say now, that you’re the kind of guy we’re all proud of. Thanks for your hard work, thanks for the memories, and thanks for being a Hawkeye.

If you're going to the game and tailgating, please follow JHC's 3 simple rules:

  1. Don't boo.
  1. Don't chuck bottles at people (unless it's Tim Allen).
  1. If you drink, don't drive.

Make us proud out there.