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WMU Men of Genius, vol. 2

In honor of the upcoming football game against the Western Michigan, we'll be saluting some of the Broncos' most decorated alumni throughout the day.

Next on today's docket is comedian/actor Tim Allen!

The "Tool-Man" himself!

Tim Allen is best-known for his long-running role as Tim Taylor on Home Improvement, an utterly unwatchable sitcom that's probably syndicated on your local ABC affiliate at 4:30. He's also starred in a few Christmas movies that weren't very good. As a matter of fact, our favorite role of his has got to be drug mule/'stache model.

His is actually an inspirational story of transformation from an incarcerated felon to an international success in TV, cinema, and print. So good on him for that. We just happen to be more delighted that his last name is Dick.