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I'm so fucking proud of you!

Buckeye Fans: You're not going to believe this but the Buckeyes have learned humility. I couldn't believe it either! I guess all of the whining, crying, and gnashing of crooked teeth has stopped. Our baby's all grown up. Buckeye fan has graduated to the level of human.

The Bottom 8: None of you really deserve to be ranked. If you take a hard look at yourselves, you can't possibly believe you're that good. Your weaknesses are more evident than your strengths. None of you is seeing the top 10 again this year. This is truly a case of rounding up the usual suspects. Better luck next year.

The Middle 11: You've all lost games you're kicking yourself for. Inconsistency has killed you this year. You've all had 1 game in particular, that's eating you up inside. That's good. Use that stomach bile to stay motivated. You're not winning it all, but many have a shot at a conference title and a New Year's Day (or close to it anyway) bowl game. Stay lean and hungry, it's all you got.

The Top 6: These teams are separated by a minutiae of time and space. If they were to play each other repeatedly, I feel like they would all end up with a .500 record. Clearly, the BCS is not the answer, nor are the polls ( blogpoll included ). You can look at 10 polls and see 10 different top 6's. There is no great team this year. No one stands out. This begs the question - is there a "best team"? Is it possible there is no #1? What if we're in a year when there are multiple #3's and #2's, but no #1? Will the college football world implode, destroying itself and Brent Musburger? Are the Conference Championship games a good idea? Where are my pants?
I think I just blew my mind.

Rank Team Delta
1 Oregon 1
2 Kansas 1
3 Oklahoma 1
4 LSU 1
5 Missouri 1
6 West Virginia 1
7 Arizona State 2
8 Boise State 2
9 Georgia 6
10 Ohio State 9
11 Texas 3
12 Virginia Tech 6
13 Clemson 6
14 Southern Cal 3
15 Florida 6
16 Virginia 6
17 Tennessee 6
18 Illinois 8
19 Cincinnati 7
20 Kentucky 6
21 Hawaii 10
22 Michigan 14
23 Penn State 1
24 Boston College 12
25 Connecticut 12

Dropped Out: Auburn (#16), Alabama (#20), Florida State (#25).