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I know what you're thinking:

  • Minnesota sucks!
  • We're Iowa! We're back! We can't lose!
  • We're going to Orlando!
  • Didn't he quit writing this post back in October?
  • Those last 4 drinks were a mistake.

Let me hit a few of those. Yes, Minnesota sucks. As I pointed out awhile back, firing Glenn Mason was a mistake. They're much worse than last year. They're bad. Really, really bad. And so was Iowa State. When you're playing a rivalry game, and this is a rivalry game, it's not so much talent, as will.

Who has the will to win? This query will be answered early on. Minnesota has the worst defense this side of the French and if we can't move the ball on them and score touchdowns early, we're in trouble. If Iowa comes out sluggish and goes 3 & out a couple times then you can forget Orlando.

Let's not forget who we are. We're not a good team. We cannot roll over anyone. If we get a win, it's because we fought for it. So let's go out there and smash them in the face, early and often, and bring that pig home where he belongs.

If you're going to the game and tailgating, please follow JHC's 3 simple rules:

  1. Don't boo.
  1. Don't chuck bottles at people (even if it's a dude in Minnesota Mustard and Maroon overalls).
  1. If you drink, don't drive.

Make us proud out there.