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Gameday Open Thread: Poor Guests Edition

Interesting note: That is not rain, but the tears of Penn State fans watching a game slip away.

Did you know Iowa hasn't lost a game at Happy Valley since 1994? It's true. Tim Dwight single-handedly squeezed the life out of Penn State in 1996, and Iowa's won three more up there since then.

Of note, however, is the close nature of the games; Iowa has only won one of those four by more than three points, and that was an overtime contest in 2002 that saw Iowa blow a 35-13 lead in the fourth quarter before holding in the first OT. Past that, it's been 26-23, 6-4, and 21-20.

The nice Iowa that let the crowd dictate the game in Ames and Madison must be exorcised. It's time to shut 90,000+ PSU fans the fuck up. It's time to crush their hopes and dreams. Again.

In other words, it's time to be a bad guest. Not drunk uncle at the Christmas party bad; I mean Norm MacDonald bad.

Your comments are welcome, dear readers, and you all know the rules, so let's hear what you have to say!