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It's no secret that our offensive game plan is small-minded and slow moving. Coupled with that is an offensive line that can't pass protect and a QB who can't get the ball to his playmakers. Forget all of that for today. If we want to beat Penn State, we need to make field goals. This is going to be a battle of field position, with defense and turnovers being key. Getting a turnover on your opponent's side of the field is groovy, but if you can't punch it in and you can't make a field goal, you are dead in the water.

If we had a guy who could kick the ball in a straight line we would be 4-1 right now. Sounds simple, doesn't it? We've been doing it for 7 years now. I don't want to hear anymore excuses about injuries and focus. I want to see a guy in an Iowa uniform walk out there and kick the fucking ball in a straight line. If we do that, we will beat Penn State.
No more talk, it's time to play football.
That's all I got.