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Dominique Douglas has actually found a dumber way to get arrested

This is money. It is not in a bank where it should be.
That is why I am not smiling.

Oh, Dominique. When will you learn?

The suspended Iowa receiver and Facebook Hero was arrested this morning on 5th degree theft charges stemming from an October 11 incident where he was observed on Wal-Mart security cameras stealing three DVD's hidden under his shirt. How did they know it was him, you ask? Well, Douglas certainly made the police's job easier when he earlier signed for and received a money order. With his name on it. At the Wal-Mart service desk.

Once again, because it does bear repeating: He told the store who he was, left a paper trail, shoved three DVD's under his shirt, and walked out.

It's almost tempting to presume that Douglas has a pathological need to be arrested; this is twice now that he has (allegedly, innocent until proven guilty, etc. etc.) left behind brutally obvious evidence in committing a crime.

So, readers, we're searching for the important answers here. Three DVD's for $30? They can't possibly have been any good, right? What do you suppose those three movies were? Leave your guesses in the comments below. The winner will have his credit card stolen and used to purchase hats at a later date.