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Kirk Ferentz is not entertained

Ominously vague news from Ferentz's presser today:

Q: Is Cedric Everson in good standing?

FERENTZ: Well, that's pretty much about where he was Saturday, I guess. That's probably the best answer I could give you. He wasn't with us Saturday. Things haven't changed an awful lot.

Q: Is he practicing?

FERENTZ: No, huh uh. Didn't last week. I guess Thursday would have been his last day. He's not in good standing.

Q: Is he off the team?

: He's not in good standing.

This is, of course, terrible news. We have a long-standing appreciation for The Entertainer, and to hear things like "Thursday would have been his last day" on top of lurid rumors that--as much as I'm sure you've all heard them--we're not going to repeat, is troublesome. We hope nothing but the best for the young man, but he'll be awfully lucky if his head's not on a pike by the side of Hawkins Drive by Saturday.