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Here at Black Heart Gold Pants, we're simple men with simple needs. We love football and we write about it, it's what we do. We're like cobblers really; we just cobble away and prepare shoes, for Hawkeye fans. No, they're not stylish. They're clunky and uncomfortable, sometimes, wearing them even hurts your feet a little. And on occasion, when people see you wearing them, it's downright embarrassing, but we just keep making the same shoes, day after day, because that's what being a Hawkeye is all about. For whatever reason, there was a niche for black and gold shoes, and now we've surpassed our most outlandish expectations, and as of press time, we've surpassed 100,000 page views since we opened shop a mere 2 months ago. That's a lot of fucking shoes. Like the program that inspired us, we won't be changing. We'll keep making the same shoes, the same size even (a men's 8 for some reason), pair after pair. We're Hawkeyes, it's what we do. Thanks for stopping in.