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Outside Programming Note

Have you hugged America today? J Leman has.

We would like to mention that the peerless Brian Cook at mgoblog invited yours truly to take part in a spirited VEQ regarding the upcoming Michigan-Illinois game. It was an enjoyable and ultra-patriotic experience for all, and you simply must give it a read. For example:

Also to be fair, it's not clear that Zook can do anything except order his quarterbacks to throw interceptions. Speaking of interceptions: is Illinois backup SomethingSomething McGee any different than Juice?

Before we go any further with this question, I hope to God their backup QB somehow acquires the nickname "Tits." I don't care how.

Working on it. My Iowa preview last year was titled "Show Me Your Tates," so I am a kindred spirit.

What's striking about the Illinois quarterback situation is that for as physically talented as Juice is, there seem to be two undeniable truths:

  1. He is at a point in a quarterback's maturation process that would keep him buried on most depth charts;
  1. His coach does not seem remotely capable of remedying that fact.

Have you seen any marked improvement in Juice's game as a passer? He's completing all of 55% of his passes these days, which is better than 39% the way that herpes is
better than cancer.

Also, it seems that whenever McGee comes into the game, Zook all but scraps the option and lets the kid start throwing the ball, which he's not too bad at doing. Is it at all healthy for Williams, as a true sophomore, to already see his PT cut in order to give a freshman below him some snaps? Probably not. But that's the Zooker for you.

Last, J Leman figures prominently, and let's just leave it at that.