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"We're not the prettiest team right now"

"We're not the prettiest team right now, but our guys have a lot of heart, they're working extremely hard. It's been a tough couple of weeks past behind us, but the attitude's been great."

So said a watery-eyed Kirk Ferentz after Iowa completed an improbable 10-6 upset of then-#18 Illinois, who will quite certainly drop from the polls this week. The Hawkeyes won on the strength of the defense, holding the vaunted Illinois offense to 287 yards. Also key was the arm of improperly-maligned Jake Christensen, who threw for 182 yards on 17-25 passing, including a clinching 20-yard TD on a sweet post to Brandon Myers.

To the Illinois fans, I hesitate to brag. You guys almost won. But there must be some cosmic sense to it all; Illinois fans make Ohio State fans look positively docile and witty by comparison. Seriously, guys. Get a fucking sense of humor and shut the fuck up. You're Illinois. For a state school that sends its rejects here (and thank you for the pretty ladies), you guys act like goddamn retards compared to us. Show some fucking class for once.