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Iowa City is France

DrouisXV: i am the king!
IowaCity: actually you're horrible and nobody likes you
DrouisXV: apres moi le deluge
IowaCity: what
DrouisXV: so long suckaz
IowaCity: whats with all the losing
IowaCity: minnesota just kicked our asses
IowaCity: minnefuckingsota
IowaCity: holy shit this sucks
IowaCity: we need a hero
RobespierrePierce: where the white women at
IowaCity: basketball! hooray! good movie reference!
RobespierrePierce: what movie
RobespierrePierce: women are cunts
IowaCity: oh god booo! booo! booo some more
BoyWonder: give him another chance
IowaCity: no
BoyWonder: actually you don't have a choice
IowaCity: fuck
RobespierrePierce: did I mention I will stalk and beat the shit out of whoever is dumb enough to date me
IowaCity: off with his head!
RobespierrePierce: fuck you guys, no homo
IowaCity: its coo
IowaCity: but all the same, booooooooo
Bartalomew: there is a new sheriff in town!
IowaCity: uh, ok
Bartalomew: lets just start decapitating people left and right
IowaCity: k
IowaCity: cmere steve
BoyWonder: actually I would literally rather live in new goshdarn mexico than coach here
BoyWonder: sorry I dont curse
IowaCity: thats worse than the guillotine so ok
ToddLickliter: I'm Todd Lickliter!
IowaCity: buddy you really don't want to be here right now
IowaCity: fuck it
IowaCity: berets for everyone