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Mike Klinkenborg's brain is more important than sports

More bullshit from the medical ward today, as Mike Klinkenborg is left off the two-deeps again for the Penn State game.

Colonel Klink suffered a concussion during the second half of the Wisconsin game, and his absence was conspicuous last week as Iowa, uh, "underperformed" on defense against the Hoosiers.

You know, back in the 50's, men were MEN, and we didn't let this "concussion" or "connecticut" or whatever moonman shit you call it keep us out of football games! We kept playing until we couldn't stand up straight! Sure, we couldn't tie our shoes by the time our 40th birthday rolled around, but sports are important! Arrrgh! I'm so mad I could wet myself! Maude! Get the Depends out, I've got soakin' to do!

sad note: there is no Maude. Never was.