B1G Wrestling Tournament Seeding Preview (2/12 UPDATE)

What a weekend in B1G wrestling!

Special thanks to a Friend of the Pants twade for compiling these predictions. Give him a follow on twitter please!@Tim_Keck Thanks, Tim!

For this week's update, I've included each wrestler's B1G dual and non-dual B1G matchups, with the B1G dual record listed first. Note, these records are for matches against any B1G wrestler (including redshirts and backups). In addition, keep in mind that the PSU-Iowa dual was considered a non-conference dual outside of the B1G dual season. And finally, there are only 2 B1G duals left: Wisconsin-Nebraska and Wisconsin-Iowa.

The tournament is just a little over a month away, so BHGP is here to put things into perspective and discuss what needs to happen between now and March 8th for Iowa to put themselves in the best position possible to bring home a B1G title.


1) Nico Megaludis, JR (PSU) 5-0, 2-0
2) Jesse Delgado, JR (IL) 7-1, 1-1
3) Cory Clark RS FR, (IA) 2-0, 2-0
4) Ryan Taylor, RS FR (WI) 4-1, 0-0
5) Conor Youtsey, RS FR (MI) 5-3, 0-1
6) Tim Lambert, RS FR (NE) 3-3, 0-1
7) Camden Eppert, SR (PU) 3-4, 0-2
8) Sam Brancale, RS FR (MN) 3-3, 0-0
9) Nick Roberts, RS FR (OSU) 2-6, 3-0
10) Garrison White, SO (NW) 1-6, 2-3
11) Brenan Lyon, SR (MSU) 1-6, 0-0
12) Alonzo Shepherd, SO (IN) 1-3, 0-0

IMO Clark is the guy from here on out for Iowa. I've got Delgado as the 2 seed over Clark (even though Clark owns the only head-to-head win via his victory over Delgado at the 2012 UNI Open). I think the seeding committee will give the defending champion the nod. There's not a lot of difference between the 2/3, so it's not a big deal either way. Youtsey beat Lambert on Friday night, so he jumps to the 5 seed.

Remaining Matchups:
· Lambert (NE) vs. Taylor (WI)
· Clark (IA) vs. Taylor (WI)


1) Tony Ramos, SR (IA) 7-0, 2-0
2) Tyler Graff, SR (WI) 6-0, 2-0
3) David Thorn, SR (MN) 6-2, 1-1
4) Cashe Quiroga, SR (PU) 5-1, 1-1
5) Zane Richards, RS FR (IL), 6-2, 0-0
6) Johnni DiJulius SO (OSU) 4-2, 1-0
7) Jimmy Gulibon, RS FR (PSU) 4-4, 1-1
8) Rossi Bruno, SO (MI) 3-5, 1-2
9) Shawn Nagel, SR (NE) 1-4, 0-0
10) Dom Malone, SO (NW) 1-7, 1-0
11) Garth Yenter, RS FR (MSU) 1-7, 1-0
12) Chris Caton, FR (IN) 0-8, 0-0

Richards lost to Quiroga on Friday night, so he drops. Thorn makes a big jump after avenging his loss to Gulibon and even jumps Quiroga. Thorn's losses are to Ramos, Graff and Gulibon (avenged). This trumps Quiroga's losses (to Ramos and a bad loss to Nagel) despite Thorn having one more overall B1G loss than Quiroga. Yenter knocked off Caton this weekend, so he gets out of the basement.

Remaining Matchups:
· Nagel (NE) vs. Graff (WI)
· Ramos (IA) vs. Graff (WI)


1) Zain Retherford, FR (PSU) 8-0, 1-0
2) Logan Stieber, JR (OSU) 7-1, 2-0
3) Steve Dutton, JR (MI) 5-2, 0-0
4) Steven Rodrigues, SO (IL) 2-1, 1-0
5) Josh Dziewa, JR (IA) 6-1, 1-2
6) Chris Dardanes, JR (MN) 3-2, 0-0
7) Danny Sabatello, SO (PU) 4-4, 3-1
8) Jesse Thielke, RS FR (WI) 3-3, 0-1
9) Colton McCrystal, FR (NE) 1-4, 0-0
10) Trevor Moody, RS FR (IN) 2-3, 0-0
11) Pat Greco, JR (NW) 1-7, 0-2
12) Brian Gibbs, SO (MSU) 1-7, 1-2

Rodrigues suffered a pretty big upset on Friday, getting knocked off by Sabatello. As a result, Dutton jumps all the way to #3 seed with his win over Dziewa (his only B1G losses are to Retherford and Stieber). Dziewa's loss to Dutton really hurts as he was potentially looking at the #3 seed. I'm not sure what to do with Rodrigues -- he's got a very limited resume, but the Illinois-Purdue dual was his first match since the Midlands final. I'll chalk it up to rust and his win over Dziewa at Midlands keeps him at the #4 seed.

Remaining Matchups:
· McCrystal (NE) vs. Thielke (WI)
· Dziewa (IA) vs. Thielke (WI)


1) Jake Sueflohn, JR (NE) 6-1, 4-0 (W - Grajales (2x), Grothus, L - Tsirtsis)
2) Nick Dardanes, JR (MN) 7-1, 0-0 (W - Tsirtsis, Grothus, L - Grajales)
3) Eric Grajales, SR (MI) 6-2, 1-2 (W - Dardanes, Tsirtsis, L - Sueflohn (2x), Grothus, Paddock)
4) Jason Tsirtsis, RS FR (NW) 7-1, 2-2 (W - Sueflohn, Grothus, L - Dardanes, Grothus, Grajales)
5) Brody Grothus, SO (IA) 4-3, 3-0 (W - Grajales, Tsirtsis, L - Sueflohn, Dardanes, Tsirtsis)
6) Zack Beitz, FS FR (PSU) 3-2, 1-0 (W - Paddock, L - Tsirtsis, Dardanes)
7) Ian Paddock, SR (OSU) 3-5, 5-1
8) Brandon Nelsen, JR (PU) 2-5, 3-3
9) Caleb Ervin, SO (IL) 1-4, 0-0
10) TJ Ruschell, RS FR (WI) 2-1, 0-2
11) Nick Trimble, SO (MSU) 1-6, 2-0
12) Eric Roach, SO (IN) 1-7, 1-4

Sueflohn's victory over Grajales on Friday night should lock him in as the #1 seed. It looks like Penn State is wisely going with Beitz from here on out, so I'm slotting him in over Andrew Alton. While Brody's win over Grajales was one of the most entertaining matches this season, I don't see it changing Brody's seed from last week. With head-to-head losses to the #1, #2, and #4 seed, he doesn't have a great argument to move up. With Grajales's loss to Grothus, I'm moving Dardanes ahead of him, despite his head-to-head win over the Gopher. Grajales has the bad loss to Paddock and also just lost to Grothus, a guy Dardanes beat. I also moved Roach down to the basement after his loss to Trimble over the weekend. As I previously did for 157, this week I'm including each guy's best wins and losses to give a better overall picture of the cluster that is 149.

Remaining Matchups:
· Sueflohn (NE) vs. Ruschell (WI)
· Grothus (IA) vs. Ruschell (WI)


1) James Green, JR (NE) 7-0, 2-0
2) Dylan Ness, JR (MN) 5-1, 0-0
3) Derek St. John, SR (IA) 4-2, 4-0
4) Dylan Alton, JR (PSU) 4-1, 0-0
5) Isaac Jordan, RS FR (WI) 5-0, 0-2
6) Brian Murphy, FR (MI) 4-3, 1-1
7) Taylor Walsh, JR (IN) 5-2, 4-1
8) Zac Brunson, RS FR (IL) 5-3, 0-0
9) Doug Welch, SO (PU) 0-1, 0-2
10) Ben Sullivan RS FR (NW) 1-5, 0-0
11) Randy Languis, JR (OSU) 1-7, 0-2
12) Roger Wildmo, SO (MSU) 0-8, 1-1

With the win over Dylan Alton on Sunday, I think Ness locked up the #2 seed. Provided DSJ gets by Jordan in 2 weeks (no easy feat - DSJ knocked him off in SV in the Midlands semis earlier this season), he should wrap up the #3 seed at worst, with a chance at the #2. After further reflection, I've swapped Murphy and Jordan. Despite Murphy having the best win (over Ness), he also has a loss to Brunson, a guy Jordan beat. I used Jordan's better B1G dual record as a tie-breaker here, but it's obviously close.

Remaining Matchups:
· Green (NE) vs. Jordan (WI)
· St. John (IA) vs. Jordan (WI)


1) David Taylor, SR (PSU) 8-0, 1-0
2) Nick Moore, JR (IA) 7-0, 2-1
3) Dan Yates, SR (MI) 6-2, 1-0
4) Pierce Harger, JR (NW) 6-2, 2-2
5) Jackson Morse, JR (IL) 4-3, 2-0
6) Danny Zilverberg, SR (MN) 4-3, 0-0
7) Ryan LeBlanc, SR (IN) 4-4, 4-3
8) Frank Cousins, JR (WI) 2-3, 1-1
9) Austin Wilson, SO (NE) 2-5, 0-0
10) Joe Grandominico, SR (OSU) 1-7, 1-1
11) Chad Welch, SO (PU) 0-6, 1-2
12) Robert Nash, SR (MSU) 0-8, 0-2

Harger's win over Morse on Sunday gives him the bump up to the #4 seed. Moore's win over Yates on Sunday should lock him into the side of the bracket opposite of Taylor.

Remaining Matchups:
· Wilson (NE) vs. Cousins (WI)
· Moore (IA) vs. Cousins (WI)


1) Robert Kokesh, JR (NE) 6-0, 0-0
2) Matt Brown, JR (PSU) 7-1, 2-0
3) Mike Evans, JR (IA) 3-1, 1-1
4) Logan Storley, JR (MN) 6-1, 0-1
5) Tony Dallago, SR (IL) 6-2, 0-0
6) Mark Martin, SO (OSU) 5-3, 4-1
7) Lee Munster, JR (NW) 2-2, 1-0
8) Scott Liegel, SR (WI) 3-3, 1-1
9) Collin Zeerip, JR (MI) 2-6, 4-2
10) Patrick Kissel, JR (PU) 1-6, 1-1
11) Kevin Nash, JR (MSU) 0-3, 0-2
12) Nate Jackson, RS FR (IN) 0-5, 0-1

Storley had a big win over Brown on Sunday night to avenge an earlier loss at the Southern Scuffle. This loss knocked Brown out of the #1 seed, but I'm not sure it will move Storley up, as he still has the head-to-head loss to Evans. As a result, the Kokesh-Brown swap is the only change I'm making.

Remaining Matchups:
· Kokesh (NE) vs. Liegel (WI)
· Evans (IA) vs. Liegel (WI)


1) Ed Ruth, SR (PSU) 8-0, 1-0
2) Ethen Lofthouse, SR (IA) 3-0, 2-1
3) Kevin Steinhaus, SR (MN) 6-1, 0-0
4) TJ Dudley, RS FR (NE) 6-1, 1-1
5) Domenic Abounader, FR (MI) 4-4, 1-0
6) Kenny Courts, SO (OSU) 5-3, 1-1
7) Jackson Hein, SR (WI) 3-1, 0-0
8) Nikko Reyes, RS FR (IL) 3-5, 0-1
9) John Rizqallah, JR (MSU) 2-6, 1-1
10) Luke Sheridan, JR (IN) 2-6, 4-2
11) Tanner Lynde, RS FR (PU) 0-8, 0-1
12) Jacob Berkowitz, SO (NW) 0-8, 1-1

Sheridan's loss to Rizqallah bumps him down a couple of spots. I've also switched Lofthouse and Steinhaus from last week. Ruth's given each of them their only loss to a B1G opponent. Due to a lack of current year data, Ethen's win over Steinhaus at the 2013 NCAA's is the tiebreaker.

Remaining Matchups:
· Dudley (NE) vs. Hein (WI)
· Lofthouse (IA) vs. Hein (WI)


1) Morgan McIntosh, SO (PSU) 7-0, 1-0
2) Scott Schiller, JR (MN) 7-1, 0-0
3) Mario Gonzalez, SR (IL) 2-0, 1-1 (Loss was by INJ DEF)
4) Nick Heflin, SR (OSU) 7-1, 1-0
5) Braden Atwood, JR (PU) 5-3, 5-1
6) Nathan Burak, SO (IA) 5-2, 1-0
7) Alex Polizzi, JR (NW) 4-4, 1-2
8) Timmy McCall, JR (WI) 3-3, 0-0
9) Nick McDiarmid, JR (MSU) 3-5, 2-0
10) Caleb Kolb, SR (NE) 1-5, 0-0
11) Chris Heald, JR (MI) 1-7, 1-2
12) Garret Goldman, SO (IN) 0-5, 0-1

McIntosh got the big upset over Schiller on Sunday -- as a result, we have a new #1 at 197. Kolb knocked off Heald on Friday, so they swap spots. No other changes.

Remaining Matchups:
· Kolb (NE) vs. McCall (WI)
· Burak (IA) vs. McCall (WI)


1) Mike McMullan, JR (NW) 7-1, 0-0
2) Adam Coon, FR (MI) 7-1, 1-0
3) Bobby Telford, JR (IA) 5-1, 1-1
4) Adam Chalfant, SR (IN) 7-1, 1-0
5) Tony Nelson, SR (MN) 4-4, 1-0
6) Mike McClure, SR (MSU) 5-3, 1-1
7) Jimmy Lawson, JR (PSU) 2-2, 0-2
8) Conor Medbery, SO (WI) 2-4, 1-0
9) Collin Jensen, RS FR (NE) 3-3, 0-0
10) Nick Tavanello, RS FR (OSU) 2-6, 1-0
11) Alex White, SR (PU) 1-7, 0-0
12) Christopher Lopez, SO (IL) 0-8, 0-1

White beat Lopez on Friday, so he moves out of the cellar. No other changes.

Remaining Matchups:
· Jensen (NE) vs. Medbery (WI)
· Telford (IA) vs. Medbery (WI)

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