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Kirk Ferentz Interview with SI


Tyler Sash just Tweeted this, just started watching, thought I'd share if you haven't seen it

Last of Iowa football players released from hospital

The 13 student-athletes checked into the hospital last Monday after complaining of discolored urine and extreme soreness. They were diagnosed with a muscle disorder that can be caused by extreme physical exertion. The students all had participated in intense off-season workouts that started the previous week after the players returned from winter break.

Pat Forde skewers Kirk Ferentz


While 13 of his players were in the hospital as a direct result of his offseason conditioning program, Kirk Ferentz continued to recruit instead of visiting them.

Rhabdo from a crossfit point of view


The proprietor of this website is an (alleged) 9 year veteran of the NFL and the owner of a west coast crossfit gym. This was sent to me by a co-worker who belongs to a crossfit gym and said that they actually had this chart posted in their bathrooms.

Coaches health probs article W-Quote from coach Ferentz


Coaches’ Health Concerns Often Focused in Wrong Area

Iowa Law Prof: Ferentz Equals H.D. Thoreau

(Bumped because anything that compares Kirk Ferentz to a legend of American literature is worth bumping. And it's just a good read. -- RossWB) Sorry, but if an Iowa Law Professor is going to take the time to explain how Kirk Ferentz is a modern Henry David Thoreau (and tie internet security into the ball of wax), it needs to be posted here. I will add that I had Professor Johnson for both Communication Law and a Media Law seminar while an Iowa law student. He is one of the four or five smartest men with whom I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a conversation. You will not find anyone with a better grasp of telecommunication policy, nor a better understanding of the power and danger of the internet. And I'm not just saying that because he let me write a sixty page paper on internet pornography...

Most Badass Picture of Ferentz...Ever?


In Morehouse's writeup on Ferentz and the "21 Makes Sense" group, he or the editor used a stock photo that is pure money. Judging by the caption, date in the URL, and dress, I'm guessing it's from the OSU walk through last year. In spite of this picture not exactly being new(s), I want to make sure we all get a chance to bask in its pure Sopranos-ethos badassery. Enjoy.

Kirk Ferentz Gets New Contract


Money's the same (base pay and bonuses), for what it's worth, but now he's inked until 2015. Details still being finalized, and they're probably of minimal importance.

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