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Come Check My new Blog: Thrift Store Hawkeye!


Come check out my new blog. I find a lot of cool Hawkeye stuff in thrift stores and I want to show it to the world. Follow me and give me some feedback, or show me your cool 2nd hand Hawkeye stuff! I am just starting out and I am trying to add more stuff every day. If anyone has anything awesome they want to show off, message me or comment and we can bring these things to the faithful. There is a lot of cool stuff hiding out there. Go and find it! http://thriftstorehawkeye.blogspot.com/ Thanks Guys! Go Hawks!

Eric Steinbach, former Hawkeye lineman, retires from NFL


Former Iowa offensive lineman Eric Steinbach has announced his retirement from the NFL, according to NFL.com. Steinbach was trying to make a comeback with the Miami Dolphins after missing the 2011 season with a back injury. He started 124 of 125 games before the injury.

Rhabdo from a crossfit point of view


The proprietor of this website is an (alleged) 9 year veteran of the NFL and the owner of a west coast crossfit gym. This was sent to me by a co-worker who belongs to a crossfit gym and said that they actually had this chart posted in their bathrooms.

Where Does Stanzi Rank?


I'm not into shameless pimping or anything like that but I did feel the need to share this here as several readers of the Pants would likely miss it. I saw an article the other day with this title and didn't even discuss the issue. Here, after hours of research I did discuss where Stanzi ranks among all time Hawkeye great quarterbacks and attempted to rank them all. Please enjoy.

Coaches health probs article W-Quote from coach Ferentz


Coaches’ Health Concerns Often Focused in Wrong Area

An Iowa State fan's take on "ANF" stickers

"Most Iowa State fans, especially those residing in the state of Iowa, are familiar with the Hayden-era ‘ANF’ decal that recently reappeared on the Hawkeye helmet. Some may view this decal as a simple gesture of solidarity with the farmers of this state, but as an Iowa State fan and graduate who grew up on a farm, it has always rubbed me the wrong way. To me this decal has always come across as a shallow attempt by the University of Iowa to grab fans and further the Hawkeyes’ image as ‘Iowa’s team.’ While it’s rubbed me the wrong way for some time, it wasn’t until today that it really torqued me off..." An... uh, interesting read, to be sure. Your thoughts, dear readers?

Iowa to Travel to Evanston in 2010


According to Illini HQ, Northwestern's Athletic Department has reached a tentative agreement to play Illinois at Wrigley Field on November 20, 2010. Looks like we'll be bringing 6,000 more of our closest friends to have an Iowa home game at Ryan Field on November 13. Right now this is a big if, but, if Iowa and Ohio State are playing for the Big Televen Championship that day, I'm guessing this is an 11 AM start.

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