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Caleb King Reportedly Academically Ineligible, Georgia Bulldogs Doomed

The Georgia Bulldogs' leading returning rusher, Caleb King, reportedly will be academically ineligible for the 2011 college football season. Dawg Sports assesses the gloom over Bulldog Nation in the midst of a summer storm, literally and figuratively.

Should the "Greatest Fans In College Football" Signs Be Removed From Memorial Stadium?

Has Nebraska's self-declaration as the "Greatest Fans in College Football" set a level of decorum so high that it cannot possibly be reached? Should the signs around Memorial Stadium be removed?

Losing My Religion: Why Georgia Bulldogs Fans Should Abandon All Hope

Dawg Sports has identified the source of the Georgia Bulldogs' two years of malaise in multiple sports, and the solution is clear. It is time for Bulldog Nation to abandon all hope.

Report: White Sox Finally Planning Failed Bid For Above-Replacement-Level DH

The Johnny Damon Sweepstakes appeared to be nearing the finish line Thursday, as Damon tries to choose from several offers far less than the two-year, $20 million deal he and agent Scott Boras have been seeking. Two sources told ESPN.com that the Detroit Tigers have made the largest offer, amid speculation around the industry that that bid is in the range of one year, $7 million. There were indications the sides were still discussing a possible two-year deal. But even the Tigers' one-year offer appears to be the biggest offer on the table. The Atlanta Braves and Tampa Bay Rays have also remained in the bidding, with both teams talking about one-year contracts for fewer total dollars than the Tigers' offer. MLB.com reported that the Braves' offer was for less than $4 million. A source indicated the Chicago White Sox also have expressed late interest.

Thome Makes Entire White Sox Organization Look Like Fools, Signs With Twins for Pennies

Thanks to Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams insistence on having a triumvirate of crappy, old, bats in various stages of break down man their DH because they can "play the field." Jim Thome is now a twin for the paltry sum of $1.5M

That even TD-to-Int ratio has gone to Dan O.'s head

After asserting himself as the best of perhaps the worst collection of QBs ever last season, Dan Orlovksy said he will test the free agent market. "They made an offer, but I'm going to test the...

Thabeet gets cocky.

Yes, that is UConn's Hasheem Thabeet smiling on the cover of ESPN the magazine. However, his quote is far more interesting than his picture: "I played Luke Harangody and he was not tough. Tyler...

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Entertain Dreams of Pasadena Yet

Why Iowa should not be looking at the Rose Bowl just yet.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Fans Need to Read More Greek Plays

Folks are getting feisty out in Stillwater as the Oklahoma State Cowboys prepare to host the Georgia Bulldogs with high hopes . . . but something in the hubris-laden declarations emerging from the Sooner State sounds eerily familiar.

Karri Ramo to KHL, and the Tampa Bay Lightning suddenly lack stability in goal

Tampa Bay touted the fact Mike Smith is coming back from Post concussion syndrom and that they were fully confident that their damaged goalie would be 100 percent for next season. With that and ownership instability, they just lost their #2 netminder.

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