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Headline: Greg Davis to Remain FOREVER


Amidst all the cries of woe and calls for change, I would like to remind the fan base that Greg Davis is going to be the offensive coordinator for as long as Mack Brown is the head coach. Please...

Douchebaggery 101: The Sabotage Waive


So today, I logged in to my fantasy football team, just to see if anyone interesting had been signed/waived, and this is what I saw: Your eyes do not deceive you. Dream Team, after failing to...

Northwestern Football Practice: An Inside Look


Black Heart Gold Pants gets a rare look inside a Northwestern Football Practice. Also, a lot of swearing.

Zuki takes a heckle.


Did anyone else see this yesterday and rethink their heckling tendencies?

Psycho Fans Attack Terrence Jones


Psycho Fans Attack Terrence Jones. Apparently, some fans of college basketball take it so seriously, they abandon their common sense and judgment.

Sometimes the world spins w/o a push from 'Wes' - CBSSports.com


Great piece by Parrish. DO NOT MISS the comments, they are unintended hilarity at it's absolute finest. Conspiracy theories are for losers, losers. Also, recall this. I forgot -- did Selby pick Kentucky? I thought he picked that other school with the "K" and "U" reversed. I guess that means Wesley is in Self's back pocket too, eh? Who knew?

Lane Kiffin Agrees To Become USC's New Head Coach


This isn't about being fast, it's about getting Husker fans opinions on this move. Kiffin was only at Tennessee one year, and he heads off into the sunset of LA, where.... he might stay a year. All of the commotion probably misses the real question - can Kiffin coach?

Pittsburgh kicker Jeff Reed cited for douchebaggery


Sure -- the Steelers may have won the Super Bowl, but at least Neil Rackers didn't get cited for flipping out and destroying a public restroom based on the paper towel situation. Or get caught sending pictures of himself and his junk to uninterested women he met in a bar. (VERY, VERY NSFW) Or go around in bars shirtless with hair that would make even Don King blush. In other news, Mike Vanderjagt is said to be jealous of the attention Reed's getting.

Brandon Backe Arrested After Wedding Brawl


I guess the fight started because someone (CNN said the brother-in-law of someone in the wedding party, I dunno) tried to bring in his own alcohol. He was charged with with interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest and is now out on $1500 bond. If you're getting married soon, watch out for Backe!

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