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Cedric Everson Found Guilty of Simple Assault, Acquitted on All Other Charges


Former Iowa Hawkeye football player Cedric Everson was convicted of assault Thursday for a 2007 incident at the University of Iowa.

Abe Satterfield Takes Plea Deal In Sexual Assault Case, Gets Minimal Sentence


Abe Satterfield, one of two former Iowa Hawkeye players accused of sexual assault in 2007, has just pled guilty to an aggravated misdemeanor in exchange for testimony against the other player....

Heads Starting To Roll: UI President Sally Mason Fires Two VPs


(It should probably be said straightaway, since this point was lost on several readers when this bombshell first dropped--we're not blaming the UI for the alleged sexual assault or issuing guilty...



If you haven't already heard, the Satterfield/Everson sexual assault case has already become much uglier. The Press-Citizen published a letter from the alleged victim's mother to University of Iowa...

Everson, Satterfield Charged with Sexual Assault


As if on cue: The University of Iowa Police Department, in concert with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, has obtained warrants for the arrest of Cedric D Everson III for sexual abuse...

Dominique Douglas Is About That Paper. Again


Sadly, this is not a repeat. Mr. CBI himself is back on the internets, taking pictures with large sums of cash for some reason, and as Pants Pal Eric Page puts it, "that ain't Pell Grant money."...

Whither Jevon Pugh? The Sad Finale


We've already mentioned--twice--the snow job that tailback Jevon Pugh has received from the media and the coaching staff. And now, the Jevon Pugh era at Iowa has apparently come to a silent,...

Whither Jevon Pugh?


Among the collective yawns over the UI's unceremonious dumping of Douglas, Everson, and Satterfield has been the issue of tailback Jevon Pugh. Recall, if you will, that Everson and Satterfield...

The Entertainment is Over


Not so surprising news from Iowa City today; Cedric "The Entertainer" Everson is among three freshmen who are gone, gone, gone. According to GoldPantsPal Eric Page, Everson and the other two young...

Kirk Ferentz is not entertained


Ominously vague news from Ferentz's presser today: Q: Is Cedric Everson in good standing? FERENTZ: Well, that's pretty much about where he was Saturday, I guess. That's probably the best answer I...

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