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TV Schedule, March 27: Bruins Face Lightning, UConn And UMass In Basketball Action


Both UConn women's and UMass men's teams are in tournament basketball action Tuesday night, while the Boston Bruins come home to the TD Garden to face the Tampa Bay Lightning.

NIT: Northwestern Barely Focused on Akron, or Even This Year


According to the Chicago Tribune article "previewing" tonight's NIT game, the focus has already shifted to next season and whether Bill Carmody will still be in charge. Then again, the players did say they talked about Akron on Sunday night. Probably before discussing transfer plans in case of a coaching change. The Chicago Sun-Times says that Luka Mirkovic will not play in the NIT, thanks to a nagging ankle injury. That makes the starting lineup and the bench for the Wildcats significantly shorter. My guess is that Davide Curletti will get the start to counter Akron's height, leaving Northwestern with few choices at forward on the bench.

NIT: How Akron Can Take Advantage of Northwestern's Decline


Can Akron be the latest thorn in Northwestern's paw? A look back at history and the lost class for the Wildcats, along with a blueprint for the Zips.

Men's Basketball NIT Bracket

[ED: Here it is, folks, the NIT bracket. What could make this interesting is the possibility of meeting Mississippi State in Madison Square Garden. That would be kinda fun, actually, despite our Rebels missing the NCAAs yet again.] Ahh, so close to looking at a different bracket this year... I hope that the seeding holds for the couple rounds - we'd get to play Stanford and beat them. Our softball team hung in there with them on their home field a few days ago.

SEC Puts Four Teams in NIT


There won't be too much coverage of the NIT around here, but it is worth noting that the conference put four teams in it. That tournament has 32 teams broken up into four groups of eight. Tennessee is a 1-seed in its regional, Ole Miss is a 2-seed in its regional, Mississippi State is a 4-seed in its regional, and LSU is a 6-seed in its regional. The four of them are all in different brackets, so they can't possibly face each other until the NIT semifinals in Madison Square Garden.

NIT: Akron Gets a No. 5 Seed, Plays at Northwestern


Perennial disappointments Northwestern will have to contend with the Akron big men Tuesday night. The Zips are a No. 5 seed in the NIT, and will play in Evanston at 9 p.m. Eastern. The game will be shown on ESPN2. This is a real winnable game for the Zips, and even though Northwestern is home, they may not have home court advantage. If the Big Ten alums can overwhelm the Wildcat fans, there is no reason that Akron alums can't.

WE'RE GOING NIT-ING! Iowa Gets 7 Seed in 2012, Will Face Dayton


Yes, Iowa, there is a postseason. After a solid week of hand-wringing about Iowa's March prospects and parsing Gary Barta's statements about the lesser tournaments, it turns out there was nothing...

NIT Doesn't Have Such A Bad Ring To It For Arizona Basketball


There's certain to be no shortage of grumblings from Arizona's fan base about the 2011-'12 campaign. The season was sprinkled with adversity, thrilling triumph and gut-wrenching near-misses. Let's...

On Iowa Basketball And The Postseason


Pondering the possibilities for Iowa basketball and postseason play.

The Loss Of Reggie Jackson Lowers Expectations At Boston College


The loss of Reggie Jackson to the NBA Draft lowers expectations for BC hoops last season, but by how much?

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