Cases_of_beer_or_beer_like_beverage_sold_by_brand__2013 is still mostly political, but this story seemed to fit in traditional Hamsterdam discussion. Bud Light sells so much beer that last year it did better than the combined sales of "every imported beer, craft beer, hard cider, and flavored malt beverage". That's crazy.


Somebody posted a Reddit Showerthoughts link in a previous Hamsterdam, thought I'd share some of my favorites and see if you guys like the link: "Can Chewbacca even say Chewbacca? Shouldn't his name be something like Rawwwraaraar?" "It would make more sense if 3 had the value of 4 because the number 3 looks like half of the number 8" "Pizza is always a pie chart about how much pizza is left." "Nature Valley bars make so many crumbs because they want you to eat them outside."


Space is doing weird things again. This time, it's (maybe) causing cherry trees to blossom early. Seeds taken to the International Space Station have blossomed in just 6 years, as opposed to the expected time span of 10 years. So, in conclusion, space is crazy.

The On Iowa Podcast: ‘On Iowa’ talks with PlannedSickDays

Hey! Marc Morehouse was without his partner in crime, Scott Dochterman, this week due to vacation. Sooo, he asked if I'd fill in. We talk about the upcoming practice in West Des Moines, the two-deeps, and position breakdowns. All Hawkeye spring football talk! Check it out.

Come Check My new Blog: Thrift Store Hawkeye!

Come check out my new blog. I find a lot of cool Hawkeye stuff in thrift stores and I want to show it to the world. Follow me and give me some feedback, or show me your cool 2nd hand Hawkeye stuff! I am just starting out and I am trying to add more stuff every day. If anyone has anything awesome they want to show off, message me or comment and we can bring these things to the faithful. There is a lot of cool stuff hiding out there. Go and find it! Thanks Guys! Go Hawks!

The Gazette Spends a Day With Tom Brands

Iowa’s Phillip Laux was working out for the second time of the day and Brands spoke up while he was wrestling with former Hawkeye and HWC member Matt McDonough. "Are you a straw house or a brick house?" Brands said. "Then don’t fall to your belly when he blows on you."

Iowa's B1G opponents for 2014/15 announced

The conference schedule will remain at 18 games, with each team playing five teams twice (home and away) and eight teams once (four at home and four on the road). The Hawkeyes will play the following five teams twice next season: Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State and Wisconsin. Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State and Rutgers will visit Iowa City for the only regular season meeting. Iowa will travel to Indiana, Michigan, Penn State and Purdue.



Courtesy of Reddit.

Hawks Caught Cheating!

This just in, Hawks are forced to forfeit PSU game after they were found cheating. As the photo in a recent Gazette article shows, an Iowa fan mysteriously jumps out of the crowd at the Bryce Jordan Center to flash her Hawkeye spirit to the PSU defenders allowing Basabe to easily score the layup.

More love for Marble - Naismith Midseason List

Marble has been added to the Midseason list for the Naismith award. Go Hawks!


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