POLLWATCHIN': Hawkeyes Hold Steady in Polls and Brackets after OSU Loss, Michigan Win

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Spor

Iowa looks destined for a No. 5 seed, I'd say.

Welcome to POLLWATCHIN', where we watch polls. Let's get to the polls we're watchin while watchin' polls.

AP Top 25

Iowa rose one spot in the AP Top 25 this week, finishing at 16th after splitting home games with Ohio State and Michigan. The Hawkeyes are one spot behind Michigan, and ranked third in the Big Ten (behind Michigan and No. 9 MSU). Wisconsin reenters the poll at No. 21 after a win over Sparty Sunday, while Ohio State also gets back into the Top 25.

As for other former opponents, Villanova is rated sixth, while Iowa State jumped five spots to No. 11. All six teams that have defeated Iowa this season are ranked in the AP Poll.

Rank Team Record Pts Prev
1 Syracuse Orange (65) 23-0 1625 1
2 Arizona Wildcats 23-1 1525 2
3 Florida Gators 21-2 1477 3
4 Wichita St. Shockers 25-0 1445 4
5 San Diego St. Aztecs 21-1 1373 5
6 Villanova Wildcats 21-2 1288 6
7 Kansas Jayhawks 18-5 1234 8
8 Duke Blue Devils 19-5 1130 11
9 Michigan St. Spartans 20-4 1025 9
10 Cincinnati Bearcats 22-3 970 7
11 Iowa St. Cyclones 18-4 925 16
12 Saint Louis Billikens 22-2 908 13
13 Louisville Cardinals 19-4 866 14
14 Kentucky Wildcats 18-5 769 18
15 Michigan Wolverines 17-6 702 10
16 Iowa Hawkeyes 18-6 686 17
17 Virginia Cavaliers 19-5 608 20
18 Creighton Bluejays 19-4 552 12
19 Texas Longhorns 18-5 417 15
20 Memphis Tigers 18-5 333 24
21 Wisconsin Badgers 19-5 242 26
22 Ohio St. Buckeyes 19-5 214 27
23 SMU Mustangs 19-5 205 29
24 Connecticut Huskies 18-5 194 22
25 Pittsburgh Panthers 20-4 175 25

Coaches Poll

The Hawkeyes have consistently been rated higher by the coaches this season, but that advantage is slipping. Iowa actually fell two spots in this week's Coaches Poll, landing at No. 15. Saint Louis, Kentucky, and Iowa State all passed the Hawkeyes, while Creighton's loss to St. John's sent them plummeting down the rankings.

Ohio State and Wisconsin moved up the poll, finishing at No. 20 and 21, respectively. Michigan slid two spots after the loss in Carver Hawkeye Saturday.

Rank Team Record Pts Prev
1 Syracuse Orange (32) 23-0 800 1
2 Wichita St. Shockers 25-0 744 2
3 Arizona Wildcats 23-1 742 3
4 Florida Gators 21-2 711 4
5 San Diego St. Aztecs 21-1 675 5
6 Villanova Wildcats 21-2 629 6
7 Kansas Jayhawks 18-5 569 9
8 Louisville Cardinals 19-4 529 10
9 Duke Blue Devils 19-5 511 11
10 Michigan St. Spartans 20-4 479 8
11 Cincinnati Bearcats 22-3 467 7
12 Saint Louis Billikens 22-2 427 15
13 Kentucky Wildcats 18-5 403 14
14 Iowa St. Cyclones 18-4 369 17
15 Iowa Hawkeyes 18-6 333 13
16 Virginia Cavaliers 19-5 310 21
17 Creighton Bluejays 19-4 305 12
18 Michigan Wolverines 17-6 254 16
19 Texas Longhorns 18-5 170 18
20 Ohio St. Buckeyes 19-5 162 25
21 Wisconsin Badgers 19-5 158 24
22 Memphis Tigers 18-5 152 NR
23 Pittsburgh Panthers 20-4 148 22
24 Gonzaga Bulldogs 21-4 78 20
25 Oklahoma Sooners 18-6 55 23


It's finally the time of year when we can seriously start talking about brackets and the certified bracketologists who make them. Chief among these well-learned tournament enthusiasts is ESPN's Joe Lunardi (almost perfect since the last millenium!), who released an updated bracket Monday morning that had Iowa as a No. 5 seed. Obviously, matchups are wholly irrelevant, but for those who really like to speculate, he has Iowa playing the winner of the Missouri-Providence play-in game, with Cincinnati playing Green Bay in the 4/13 game. If only Iowa could have played Green Bay last year; if you lived in Sioux City, your newspaper would be delivered to your door literally on fire.

CBS Sports bracketologist Jerry "The Face" Palm also put Iowa on a No. 5 line as of Monday (warning: autoplay commercials on that link, because CBS wants you to get reprimanded by your boss). Palm has the Hawkeyes playing Southern Miss, which blatantly stole our logo. We're here to take it back, you bastards. Something called College Sports Madness also has Iowa playing Southern Miss in a 5/12 game (as of Sunday). They're on our good side this week for naming Roy Devyn Marble and Samantha Logic as Big Ten Players of the Week Monday.

NBC Sports is getting into the brackets game, apparently. The Peacock also puts Iowa on the No. 5 line after the weekend, with the Hawkeyes facing the winner of the Georgetown-LSU play-in game. This sets up the distinct possibility of an Outback Bowl rematch, because NBC is known to be pro-coconut shrimp.

USA Today has Iowa on the No. 5 line (there's a pattern developing) against Toledo. Oh-me-oh! Oh-my-oh! To-le-do! MAC basketball! I don't think that's how the phrase goes. Cincinnati and Delaware are on the opposite side of the bracket, making Iowa the most appealing place to live in its entire subregional.

SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean released his last update on Friday, before Iowa has summarily disposed of Michigan, but he had Iowa as a No. 4 seed even without that win. Dobber has the Hawkeyes playing Canisius, setting up a MAAC grudge match between the Golden Griffins and former Siena coach Fran O'Mac. Did you think that Canisius just played Iona 30 times a year? It's OK, so did we.

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