Prime Time League: July 10th

So, I went to see the Prime Time League Games Tonight (they were in Waterloo tonight, as well as last Thursday).

The gym in the Waterloo Sportsplex has two courts, and I sat on one sideline of one of them (about ten feet from the players, at times). They did play two games on the court right in front of me (only one game on the far court). So, I got a pretty good look at 4 teams, and not much of a look at 2 teams.

In the first game I saw, one team (LL Pelling/Comfort Care Medicine, in baby blue jerseys) had Olaseni and Oglesby, 2 UNI guys, and 5 other small college dudes I hadn’t heard of (It also had former Hawkeye Jason Price, who is now about 36 years old). Olaseni looked pretty dominant, albeit sloppy at times. Oglesby looked alright, made some shots, didn’t take any bad ones. Jason Price is a chucker and loves to make no-look passes that other dudes are not ready for. One of the UNI guys (a transfer from Virginia named Paul Jesperson) looked quite good, making plenty of 3-pointers.

They played against a team (Marion Iron Co/Vinton Merchants, in Hawkeye gold jerseys) that had Gesell, Dom Uhl, and 8 other dudes (including a Nicholas Baer, listed as a Hawk, must be a walk-on?). Gesell looked pretty good, Uhl got the opening points with a 3-pointer, but I thought he looked rather tired tonight. But, I think Uhl could be really good for us in a year or two. The two UNI guys on this team are Nate Buss (provided size, yet quickness and shooting) and Brad Lohaus’s son Wyatt.

In the second game I saw, one team (Jill Armstong/Skogman Realty, in grey jerseys) had Uthoff, Brady Ellingson, Jeremy Morgan and Bennett Koch of UNI, and 6 other dudes (including Dondre Alexander of "State Fair CC." I think he is an IC West product?). Uthoff looked like he’s lifted weights, and was active, but I don’t think he piled up stats tonight. I didn’t notice Ellingson much. Dondre Alexander looked good late. Jeremy Morgan was almost reckless on defense, including a play where he fell down and tripped up Woodbury, and both were on the court for several seconds. But, Morgan was also the guy who was most effective at attacking the hoop.

They played against a team (Westport Autowash/, in purple jerseys) that had Woodbury, Clemmons, Matt Bohannon and Klint Carlson of UNI, Drew Cook of IC Regina (I think this is Marv’s kid), and 5 other dudes. Woodbury looked good, but probably could have made a few more shots. Clemmons looked good, made a few 3-pointers.

Anybody know anything about the Soukup boys (Steven and Michael) from Southeastern CC? One of them was a good shooter.

The two teams I did NOT get a good look at were:

Team BlendCard: Jok, Okey Ukah, Wes Washpun (UNI), Eric Washpun, and 5 other dudes. I think UNI’s Seth Tuttle was on the team, too, but I’m not sure he played.

Team Culver’s/McCurry’s: Trey Dickerson, Deon Mitchell and Marvin Singleton (both from UNI), and 6 other dudes. I think Aaron White is technically on this squad, too, but I don’t think he was there tonight (I'm not sure if the LeBron James Camp has already started).

I didn’t write up any actual stats or scores, but I bet they’ll be up on this page at some time in the next day or two.

There were at least 200 or 300 fans watching tonight. The Prime Time League head man (Randy Larson) seemed happy to have these dates in Waterloo, and to have the UNI players involved. I know I loved it, so I’m hoping it happens again next year.

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