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Levitation, homes. - Kevin C. Cox

As you might have heard, there's a little sporting event called the World Cup arriving in a few days. Not surprisingly, there are a host of fantasy games connected to the World Cup that you can play to enhance your enjoyment of things. I set up this post as a one-stop shop for all those games.


1) Bracket Predictor

GROUP: BHGP Super Group
PASSWORD: hawkeye

This is basically your March Madness-style bracket pick 'em for the World Cup. It's super-easy to fill out. You pick the top two finishing teams in each group and then the winner of each game once the tournament turns into a single-elimination showdown.

2) World Soccer Pick 'Em

GROUP: BHGP Brazil Pick 'Em
PASSWORD: hawkeye

This is a straight-up predictions game: just pick a result for every game in the World Cup. Since it's soccer, tying is an option, although only in the group stage. (Once things move into the elimination rounds, THERE MUST BE A WINNER.) The underdog in each group stage matchup gets a win option AND a draw option. So if you think Croatia and Mexico might just play to a sister-kissing tie, well, that option is on the table.


3) FIFA World Cup Fantasy

GROUP: Group of BHGP
PASSWORD: hawkeye

This is a fairly straightforward fantasy soccer game game (with one catch, which I'll get to in a moment). You pick a team and get points for the good things they do on the field (score, assist, make saves, etc.) as well as lose points for the bad things they do (concede too many goals, pick up yellow or red cards, etc.). You have a budget (100M) to pick your players from. If you played the EPL Fantasy game this year, you know what to expect here more or less.

The catch is that rather than picking a starting 11 plus three substitutes, you're picking a full 23-man roster. That does make things a little trickier (especially with that 100M budget), although it's still workable. (PROTIP: you can fill up the spots on the end of the bench with really cheap guys. Algeria and Australia are good for something at this event after all!)

There also some differences in the scoring and the substitution rules, which you can read about here.

4) FIFA World Cup Predictor Challenge

GROUP: BHGP Predictions
PASSWORD: hawkeye

This is basically a handful of prop bets for each game, going beyond the simple "who will win" to also ask "who will have the most free kicks" or "how many total goals will be scored" and so on. Prop bets are fun and another way to inject interest in a game where the scoring might be low.

So yeah. Join as many as you like. We need something to make the summer go by a little faster until football season comes around, right? Hit up the comments if you've got questions.

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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