Eric Francis

We've made some April predictions for running backs and wide receivers. If those predictions hold true, where does that rank Kevonte Martin-Manley and Mark Weisman among Iowa's all-time leaders?

SO WE'VE MADE SOME PREDICTIONS. Last week, we took a look at Iowa's past performance and tried to guess at production for both the wide receiver and running back groups for 2014. Iowa has two senior leaders at both positions: Kevonte Martin-Manley and Mark Weisman. Both have been a big part of the Iowa offense for the last two seasons. Both are working their way up Iowa's all-time leader lists.

If our predictions are close for next season, where would that put both on Iowa's receiving and rushing lists?

LET'S START WITH MARTIN-MANLEY. He's played 38 career games in his first three seasons of eligibility at Iowa. Here's his current receiving stats:

2011 13 30 323 3 24.8
2012 12 52 571 2 47.6
2013 13 40 388 5 29.8
TOTAL 38 122 1282 10 33.7

WE PREDICTED. We came up with 40 receptions for 2014. That's the average for his career. If he hits 40 you can expect similar yardage numbers. We'll go with 400 yards and match 2013's total of 5 touchdowns. That would give KMM a career total that looks like this:

2014 13 40 400 5 30.8
TOTAL 51 162 1682 15 33

WHERE WOULD THAT PLACE KMM HISTORICALLY? Iowa's all-time leader in receptions, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, keeps his title. DJK collected 173 receptions for a career at Iowa. Behind DJK is Marvin McNutt with 170 receptions. Martin-Manley would sit at third all-time and have a considerable lead over Danan Hughes and Ronnie Harmon who each had 146 career receptions. KMM should pass them by mid-October.

At 1682 yards, Martin-Manley would sit in 11th all-time in receiving yards. He'd squeeze between Quinn Early at 1781 and Kevin Kasper at 1674 yards. 15 touchdowns for a career ties him with Mo Brown and Kahlil Hill for 5th all-time. Marvin McNutt holds the school record with 28 touchdowns and also holds the receiving yards record with 2861. A very nice career for KMM.

HOW ABOUT WEISMAN? He's played in 23 total games during his career at Iowa. He started at fullback in 2012 and ended up at running back due to injuries and attrition and accumulated these career stats:

2012 10 159 815 5.1 8 81.5
2013 13 227 975 4.3 8 75
TOTAL 23 386 1790 4.6 16 77.8

WE PREDICTED. With Iowa's depth at running back and the need to get Jordan Canzeri on field for some explosiveness, Weisman's carries could drop this year. He finished with 227 in 2013 and we predicted he hits 200 for 2014. We also predicted he'd average 4.85 yards per carry giving him 970 yards for the season. Let's use eight touchdowns again too to see what his career totals would look like.

2014 13 200 970 4.85 8 74.62
TOTAL 36 586 2760 4.7 24 76.7

WHERE WOULD THAT PLACE MARK WEISMAN HISTORICALLY? Weisman's 586 rushing attempts would finish fourth all-time. He'd sit behind Sedrick Shaw, Ladell Betts and Albert Young in that category. Shaw and Betts both had over 800 carries in their career and also both played 45 and 46 games. Albert Young played 37 games at running back and he finished his career with 660 carries.

A total of 2760 yards would place Weisman in a tie with Freddie Russel for 5th all-time. Russell got his 2760 yards in 42 games with 523 carries. Ahead of Weisman is Shaw, Betts, Young and Tavian Banks.

The 24 touchdowns would tie David Hudson for 4th all-time. It would be one better than Young and again, behind Shaw, Betts and Banks.

Weisman's yards per game would rank 7th all-time. Marcus Coker and Shonn Greene are the only two Hawkeyes with career averages over 100 yards per game. Shaw, Young, Betts, Levi Mitchell and Adam Robinson sit above Weisman here. Robinson averaged 82 yards per game in his 21 game career. For Weisman, that's a pretty good career for a fullback.

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