Post Foul Explanation Needed

What is a post foul? The NCAA rule states the offense should have no additional consideration for an offensive player initiating contact this includes in post play. We've seen Iowa big men Olaseni, McCabe, Woodbury feet planted arms vertical constantly get abused with hips to the mid section. Isn't this a foul? This is something that has been happening a lot to Iowa big men with constant confusion.

Take note in the play against Wisconsin. Olaseni is called for a foul after twice getting bumped with contact initiated by the offense which is intended to get the defensive player off balance and allow the offensive player to score close to the basket. His (Gabe's) arms do come down on the Wis player but only after taking a couple of gut shots. Everyone's arms are going to come forward and down when taking these kinds of rib shots. The offensive player is obviously being given consideration when initiating the contact. This is unethical in my opinion as the ref has taken upon himself to ignore rules.

Should Fran have gotten the first technical. Now that's an interesting question. The rules for the technical is a coach can not show unsportsmanship to I believe it states upstanding ethical referees. Shouldn't the league be required to show why the calls in question were correctly called or that an audit of the game somehow shows an equal application of the rules at minimum which again is still unethical if one team gains advantage by a rule being completely ignored when the other team does not have the same skill to take advantage of this. And by relative theory the second technical doesn't count because the first technical was obviously induced by an unethical ref.

So a foul should have been called on Wisconsin in this case by the rules defined by the NCAA. It's interesting that the NCAA and the NBA have stated they will crack down on flopping by defensive players but that's almost what is expected of the defender in this position to get the call.

This has been ongoing for a while now and I think it perculated with Fran to boiling point of ferocity in this game. He says it was to get his team motivated. I think it was because how else is he suppose to respond to these calls. He can't yell at his players for not being in good defending position because they were and have been all year.

I've been a big fan of Olaseni and his upside on this blog for majority of this season. Everyone states the Fran technicals caused Iowa to lose, or Iowa started slow in the second half and showed nothing to turn the tide. I see this differently. Iowa effectively got the ball to Olaseni in good scoring position but who is not polished around the basket and missed the first bunny only to miss the second put back because of a non-foul. The team is showing energy, aggressiveness and competence through this one play which results in no points. If they call the foul and he hits 2 and the lead is back to 4. Now Iowa go play defense yourself. Again, Olaseni as stated gets in legal defending position and what should be an offensive foul and two more free throws for Iowa becomes 2 free throws for wisconsin. If the officials call the game as the rules states, Iowa has potentially increased their lead back to 6. And now Wisconsin is the team back on their heals, the crowd is out of it and Fran sits on the bench admiring his gritty team stemming not one but two strong runs by Wisconsin.

A final word. I've coached at the youth level which is by no means the competition level of college or high school sports where training these days is full of year round activities. I've seen umpires who are volunteers make bad calls it happens. But I've also seen umpires make obvious homer calls and there is nothing more frustrating for a coach. You can't have a discussion with these types of refs, you can't tell the kid to do something different because their doing exactly what you want them to do so where do you direct your frustration.

One thing I don't want to see if anyone reads this is the officials called the game close using number of fouls by both teams being close to equal. It's only evenly called if both teams actually committed and were called for all the fouls. Iowa was the aggressive offensive team, beating their guys off the dribble or to the rebound or the loose balls. Wisconsin shot 24 3 pt attempts more than half off all their possessions. There is no way Iowa should have had as many foul calls as Wisconsin. It did appear the game was called more evenly and really equally poor after the techs, but this was after the home team had taken the lead. The need to be unfair at this point had no advantage along with knowing there was going to be extra eyes on the game from this point forward.

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