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I get tickled pink whenever I hear another bawdy name for some place in England. That little alley up above may not look like much, but it is actually the main pedestrian connector from an important street in Castleford, England to the big shopping center in the area, one of the few foot passages under the railway that separates them, and this arrangement has been around for a long time. As such, it gets pretty heavy foot traffic, and probably got its historical name by being exactly the place to find the activity it was named for. Have a little fun at the bars and have a few quid left over for a slag or want to take the girl from the pub that struck your fancy to a non-bathroom dark area to do your rogering? Head to Tickle Cock Bridge, lad.

And God Bless the Britons for their humor, they fought to keep the historical name when it was officially renamed "Tittle Cott Bridge" during a 2008 reconstruction. Not only did they get the name changed back, they also got the above plaque installed.

And of course there are hundreds or thousands of names like this all over Britain. Here is an abbreviated list from this source, there are many others out there for the googling:

1. Cocks, Cornwall
2. Minge Lane, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, England
3. Bell End, Worcestershire, England
4. Twatt, Shetland (note, there is another Twatt in Orkney)
5. Sandy Balls, a long-established holiday centre in New Forest, Hampshire, England with a name dating back to Henry VIII
6. Fingringhoe, Essex, England
7. Back Passage, City of London, an alleyway in the EC1 postal district
8. Shitterton, Dorset, England
9. Slag Lane, Merseyside, a residential street in Haydock, England
10. Hole of Horcum, North York Moors, England
11. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire, England
12. Inchinnan Drive, Renfrewshire, Scotland
13. Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire, England
14. Funbag Drive, Watford, England
15. Fanny Avenue, Derbyshire, England
16. Beaver Close, Surrey, England
17. Dick Court, Lanarkshire, Scotland
18. Felch Square, Powys, Wales
19. Lickfold, West Sussex, England
20. Rimswell, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
21. Spanker Lane, Nether Heage, Derbyshire
22. Cocknmouth Close, West End, Surrey
23. Friars' Entry, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
24. Butt Hole Road, Conisbrough, South Yorkshire
25. Cockermouth, Allerdale, Cumbria
26. Fine Bush Lane, Ruislip
27. Ladygate Lane, Ruislip
28. Hornyold Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, England
29. Crotch Crescent, Marston, Oxford, England
30. Cumming Court, Pitville, Gloucestershire, England

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