A Kid's favorite Iowa game (possibly vs Minnesota)

Stories of Minnesota games past got me thinking of what I know to be my favorite Iowa game, which I believe to be vs Minnesota. So, indulge me for a moment here, it's possible that some, if not all, the details in the following story are misinformation, later mental exaggeration, bad correlation of details, or out and out lies, save these few:

A later season Iowa game at Kinnick, played after heavy snowfall, in the early 90's, one of my favorite Iowa games of all time.

From here on out, on accuracy, I promise nothing.

It's only later investigation years removed that seems to indicate that this was the Iowa vs Minnesota game in 1991, which is why I post about it now, and why I'll always be sad it no longer holds the spot at the season end. I would have been 10, if the date I've found is correct, and, had seats with my brother and dad in the middle of and upper end and the north endzone stands. There is a picture of the three of us in a photo album somewhere, bundled up in our 80's-esque snowsuits, possibly with an Iowa stocking cap as a token indicator of our team allegiance.

It seems to me that this game was later in the afternoon, but this is pure extrapolation from my part, 20 years removed. The students were certainly in high spirits, then situated in the two sections on the pressbox side of the north endzone, so we had a good view of them from our seats. The snowstorm had left an ample supply of snow, and it either had continued to snow lightly, or, had stopped just soon enough that there was no question of removing any from the stands. And being what I now recognize as well juiced up, they of course engaged in an inter-section snowball fight.

All good fun. Then, sometime decently into the game, the bad calls from the refs came, somewhere near that north endzone. The snowball fight, as if by hive mind, ceased, and as one, hundreds of snowballs lifted into the air, heading toward the field. Announcements were made to cease, and a few individuals were pulled out, but, there was no stopping it from that point forward.

At some point, stadium security dispensed with measured response, and simply cleared the first dozen or two rows, for the entire section. Hauled every one of them out, Many of them continuing to have their own snowball fights even as removed by security.

It was, in a word, glorious. I remember virtually nothing from the game. It's only through googling and some deduction that I see it appears that Iowa won, 23-8. As far as I know, the game was of no real consequence, and perhaps few remember it. I know I've never once seen any video or other pictures or mention of it online. If anyone remembers this game, has pictures, or, dare I even hope, video up somewhere, This hawkeye for one would love to see them.

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