An Update From OhioHawk

(OhioHawk sent me this to post a few days ago; my apologies for not posting it sooner. He said he's going in for radiology and chemo, so please keep sending some thoughts, prayers, and good vibes his way. -- Ross)

An Ohio Hawk Update

I don’t want to turn BHGP
Into a personal days of my lives
But I think the love and support you have shown
Deserves an update

I might be better served moving to Wisconsin
Buying a farm and calling it Sunnybrook
I already have a daughter named Rebecca
We have decided on an aggressive approach
Because the margins weren’t good

Thirty some rad treatments,
Replete with mask
Six or seven chemo treatments

I was told there will be a high risk
I will be unable to swallow
and may lose the use of my right arm
They are planning on installing a feeding tube
as a defacto measure,
so no matter what I can get nutrition and moisture
They have warned the swelling in my jaw
will increase and not likely see any relief from this.

There is something about the things
I learned living for such a short time
In the Hawkeye state

Our hero
Besides his athletic prowess
And unmatched Heisman speech
Was a Christian Scientist
Who died training to be a Navy Pilot

In the Michigan game
Which would have given us a trip to the Rose Bowl
A goal line stance by the Wolverines
The zebras confer
And Nile himself
Reportedly tells them he didn’t score
You wouldn’t get that out of Tressel

Or maybe I can say it in one word:

When I lived off of Pierce
Around 17th in the Northwest Capital of Iowa
Aka the city of the Sioux
We had one of those ten snow flake events
That left four foot drifts everywhere

I came out of the house and my neighbor
And it’s a shame I can’t remember his name
Had shoveled my car out
"Hey I was already out, already cold,
and already had the shovel in my hand."
That boys and girls
moms and dads
and those who aren’t sure

The natives in the Buckeye state
Have this tradition of spelling "OHIO"
With their arms
And photographing it
While I was in James
I came up with my own version
To tell Mrs. Ohio Hawk
How I felt



It goes for you all too

I am fortunate the doctors at tOSU
Have so much skill
And are willing to use it
Trying to save my life

I am fortunate that so many people
From out of nowhere
Have thought and prayed for me

Moving right along
Then the blood decided to go south
Back into the James
No upper GI problems
And three quarts
And they put the peg tube
All better now and back at home

I know religion is out of bounds
But what I want to say is about faith
About god, not a derivative

I have been afraid to tell many about this
Since the first operation,
Every time I have had pain
I have prayed that it be taken away
And it has

My fear is making this known
It would cease
Sorta like talking about a no-no
In the seventh

I feel I owe my higher power their due
Because after four years
I can only pray it doesn’t go away

Having shared my darkest secret with you all
I can only ask that you continue to keep me
In your thoughts and prayers

As in the Valvano speech
"They got that screen up there flashing 30 seconds, like I care about that screen. I got tumors all
over my body and I'm worried about some guy in the back going 30 seconds."
I think time has a different meaning
For me

The thing I want to share with you all
The thing that now drives my every breath
Love trumps hate

My sainted mother, god rest her soul
Used to say that it doesn’t take much to hate
But it takes a lot to love

For as long as I can remember
I have believed in random acts of kindness
Just doing nice things for folks
Whether or not you know them
Just because they could be done

Which for the most part
Is the way I remember my time
In the holy state
Because many were done for me

No matter what course lies ahead for me
I am not in control
I am taking it one day at a time
I want to thrive not survive

I would love to return to 58th street in Death Moines
Nicest house I ever owned
Or up on the hill in Sioux
But had I not left I never would have found
The charming bride, the minister of finance
She who cares for me
And the seven brothers in law by marriage

I want to play Pebble Beach again
Or Scioto Country Club would be so cool
Donald Ross I always wanted play them all
I may never play the holy sport again
But my last round was two over for the day
One under on the back

Return to Yellowstone and Glacier
And San Francisco
Via the Zephyr then up the Starlight
And back again through moving to Montana soon
Dental floss tycoon

I still have them
The chemo and the rad are right in front of me
They are behind that and
Grant me the chance to live them

We gather here
For the most part for sport,
Punting is winning
But something else happens
Without our knowing
We become a family

If I mix Kinnick & Gable and Haluska & Gatens
Maybe Settles if he has another year of eligibility
I get my ideal hawk
You have yours
But after all this isn’t heaven, it is Iowa

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers

Unless otherwise expressly indicated by BHGP editors, this FanPost is strictly the viewpoint of the author and is not endorsed by BHGP in any way.

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