A Hamsterdam commenter a week or two ago (I forget whom, forgiveness please) put up a link that I found fascinating but didn't get much response. So at the risk of furthering a conversation that only I may be interested in, the link I want to discuss is:

Here. Right here. Click me! Do it!

That link discusses something I knew previously, that distant cross-species hybrids are possible and sometimes a quicker and more effective evolutionary step than natural selection and mutuation. What I had never considered is that cross-species hybridization may be the big reason for why humans are so drastically different from our great ape ancestors in such a relatively short period of evolution. In other words, one of our ape-man ancestors got it on with something that was decidedly not a fellow ape-man and created a hybrid that successfully continued to breed within that early population. The second page of the link reveals his very fun and interesting animal that was cross-bred with, see if you can come up with the answer yourself before you get there. The animal should have all of the major traits that humans do not share with any other great apes. There are a ton listed and most are quite biologically technical in nature, but some easy ones to spot are:

Naked skin (sparse pelage)
Panniculus adiposus (layer of subcutaneous fat)

Large content of elastic fiber in skin
Thermoregulatory sweating

Lightly pigmented eyes common
Protruding, cartilaginous mucous nose
Narrow eye opening
Heavy eyelashes

Fewer floating and more non-floating ribs

Short digits (relative to chimpanzee)
Narrow pelvic outlet

Thick tooth enamel
Helical chewing

Nocturnal activity
Good swimmer, no fear of water
Extended male copulation time
Female orgasm
Short menstrual cycle
Terrestrialism (Non-arboreal)
Able to exploit a wide range of environments and foods

Prone to: Heart attack
Skin Cancer (melanoma)

So, if we're not to judge our ancestors and believe this hypothesis to be possible, what common animal might our ancestor have rogered, had a child with, and then have that child continue to be fertile and have its genes spread throughout its clan? Why are we so naked, fat, pink, and sweaty when compared to any other primate? Click the link to find out his hypothesis and see if you think it makes any sense.

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