Week 1 Games to Watch, After Iowa Hopefully Wins Easier than Last Year

The start of the college football excites us all months in advance for our team, but I love college football just because there are great games to watch. The launch of Fox Sports 1 just makes more games available to watch, and allows us to see more west coast football than we could before (especially before Pac 12 Network existed). So here in order of when they are played are the games to watch of week 1, although they might be a little bit of a blowout in some instances, let's be real we get to watch good football teams, and football is back!

Thursday, August 29

North Carolina@South Carolina 5:00 ESPN

A quick dash from work to try and catch the start of this game is completely necessary. It's the start of the season, it's a rivalry game, and it's between two schools from large conferences. I think we'll all watch just because we have football to watch again

UNLV@Minnesota 6:00 BTN

The first chance to watch a Big Ten team play. What will the rival Gophers be able to do this year instead of winning? On a side note, you could also get Indiana State@Indiana on BTN which could be the best game of the week. Indiana always makes sure they either lose their week 1 game, or just squeak by against inferior teams.

Utah State@Utah 7:00 Fox Sports 1

The first ever college football game broadcasted by Fox Sports newly launched channel FS1, and it's another rivalry game. They are smaller schools, but the past results between these two teams are pretty impressive. This strengthens a slate of Thursday night games.

Ole Miss@Vanderbilt 8:00 (or after the exciting games) ESPN

Let's be real, this game intrigues no one, but it's the late night game to the first day of the season. It is even a conference game, but I don't think anyone is super excited about it. This will just be a good way to fall asleep happy that college football has started.

Friday, August 30

Western Michigan@Michigan State 7:00 BTN

A chance to watch a good Big Ten team play, but if you want to go watch some Iowa High School football, go right ahead, you probably won't miss to much. If you need something to fill in commercials you can also watch North Dakota State@Kansas State at 7:30 on FS1, but the excitement finally comes on Saturday.

Saturday, August 31

Northern Illinois@Iowa 2:30 BTN

This is what we've been waiting for, a chance to see improvement. We get to see the Hawkeyes battle a top 15 team (arguably) in week 1. There won't be any excuses for not having time to prepare, it'll just be played out on the field. A win and Iowa starts to have some confidence, a loss and writers continue to show negativity to Coach Ferentz.

Mississippi State@Oklahoma State 2:30 ABC/ESPN2

A chance to see some good football between schools consistently in the upper half of their respected conferences. This will be a great commercial filler during the Hawkeye game, and it could be the best game of the week.

Virginia Tech@Alabama 4:30 ESPN

A weird start time, maybe a weird result? If the Hokies manage to do anything against the Crimson Tide, I'll be watching for Nick Saban's impersonation of hell. We may see murder on TV if the game is within 10 points at halftime.

Georgia@Clemson 7:00 ABC

This is supposed to be the game of the week. The Saturday Night Football spectacle that determines champions. I can't promise that will happen, but what a game this will be. A battle of coastal conferences most consistent teams (usually), however who wants to go to bed at 10:30 when college football just started?!

Boise State@Washington 9:00 FS1

One of the reasons I'm going to love Fox Sports 1, late night football. The Pac 12 conference is actually going to be watched in more than five games this season, and Washington has a chance to put the conference on the right start. We will hear the sugar-coated tales of how Boise State has changed the world, if Washington wins, maybe, and I mean maybe, people will shut up about a national championship for the Broncos for once.

Northwestern@California 9:30 ESPN2

The latest game of the night after we are all exhausted watching football all day. This could be a good game, but if you fall asleep it's understandable. Your body isn't used to handling watching this much football, it's been over five months! Go get a good night's rest (whenever you decide to finally turn the football off) and prepare for the week not being over, that's right, there's one more game!

Monday, September 2

Florida State@Pittsburgh 7:00 ESPN

I can about guarantee you this will be over by the first quarter, but it's good practice for all of us. Learning to stay awake late at night will be an essential skill with Fox Sports 1 broadcasting west coast games. Just envision this night as practice for the upcoming 17 weeks of Monday Night Football. The week of college football says goodbye and the country is happy again. The negatives will be pushed away by the largest positive story in the news there is, football is back.

However these games go, just remember, you could be watching baseball or going to a concert. Count your blessings and watch as much football as you can because, as some people say, football could be over in 20 years (I think the Mayans will predict the end of the world before that happens though).


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