It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: The Iowa Hawkeyes Are The Worst

I found this on tumbler -

Last year wasn't good.

WORST IN THE BIG TEN. Iowa Athletics didn't win a championship in 2012-13. That's two years in a row. The Journal Star, a Nebraska newspaper, used some math to determine a standings for all athletic teams in the Big Ten. Iowa's average finish in league standings for each sport is 7.58. That's 12th of 12 in the Big Ten. Purdue sits just ahead at 7.35. Michigan is the leader with 4.04.

THE SEC IS HOLDING THEIR ANNUAL SPRING MEETINGS. One of the topics is the Big Ten? First, Nick Saban took shots at the league by asking if Ohio State could have beat three of the SEC's Top 10 teams last season. Saban believes the SEC deserves more credit for strength of schedule. And then there's former Hawkeye and Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema. Ole Biels says that while in the Big Ten, they were all a bit jealous. He says, "In the Big Ten, we disliked the SEC because of the success they had."

BIELS WASN'T DONE TROLLING. Last evening, he dropped this on Play4Brew:

TOM DINEHART RANKS THE BIG TEN'S FOOTBALL POSITIONS. Iowa comes in at #10 in the league for wide receiving corps. His rankings include tight ends so perhaps that keeps Iowa from placing last on the list. There's also the offensive lines. Iowa is ranked number eight. Perhaps a tad low.

ESPN'S BIG TEN BLOG IS TAKING A GUESS AT 1,000 YARD RUSHERS. Two out of the five "most likely" to surpass 1,000 yards rushing are quarterbacks. Mark Weisman is listed as a possible candidate. Weisman finished 2012 with 815 yards after converting from fullback in September.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING AHEAD TO IOWA'S OPENER WITH NORTHERN ILLINOIS. Phil Steele ranks the Huskies #26 in the nation. Here is a copy of Phil's NIU breakdown released yesterday. Steele released Michigan and Michigan State today. He has them ranked #24 and #23 in the country.

LISA BLUDER ADDS A VERBAL COMMIT. Carly Mohns, of Brodhead High School in Wisconsin, will be a Hawkeye in 2014-15. Mohns picked Iowa over Wisconsin-Green Bay. She's 6'1" and averaged a double-double last season.

IOWA MAKES THE CUT FOR 2014 PG PROSPECT TYLER ULIS. DePaul, Florida State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Purdue, USC and Iowa are Ulis' final seven schools. He's seen his stock soar this summer and just recently received an offer from MSU in which he declared a "dream offer." Fran got in early and maybe that'll help.

THE 500 YEAR FLOOD HAS RETURNED. Iowa City is preparing for a repeat of the 2008 floods that ravished Cedar Rapids and IC. If you can, they need volunteers to help sandbag today. Here's how to help. Let's hope for the best.





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