It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: LeVar Woods and Chris White Speak

Christian Petersen

The media asked and they answered.

FIRST. Check out this video of Kinnick Stadium time lapse. Luckily, they shut it off before the game ended because Penn State brought the pain.

NOW, ABOUT THESE ASSISTANTS. As part of a weekly series, Iowa assistant coaches LeVar Woods and Chris White met with the media Wednesday to discuss Hawkeye Football. Woods is in his second season as linebacker coach at Iowa. White is the new running back coach. Iowa released some contract information. White will earn $261,000 annually. That's up from the $226,000 Lester Erb earned per his contract.

On to the press conference. Here's the transcript and video. I'll summarize:

  • White, Woods and GA Kelvin Bell are handling special teams
  • The focus with the linebackers is fundamentals first before taking on new defensive schemes
  • Woods loves recruiting Texas
  • Every experience for Woods last season was a learning experience
  • Woods thinks all three of Iowa's starting linebackers (James Morris, Christian Kirksey and Anthony Hitchens) can play in the NFL
  • Chris White was on the Syracuse coaching staff for Iowa's famous goal line stand
  • Chris White likes Chad Greenway
  • White is working with Mark Weisman on his flexibility
  • Barkley Hill is still getting back but is practicing well
  • Damon Bullock is working in space, playing some slot wide receiver
  • White says Iowa isn't "a vanilla offense"
  • White wouldn't have known Jordan Canzeri was once injured had they not told him
  • Riley McCarron "catches punts great"
  • Maurice Fleming and Canzeri are working at punt and kickoff return
SOME PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse has video of Anthony Hitchens, Louis Trinca-Pasat, Don Shumpert and Mike Meyer. This is interesting, Trinca-Pasat, who's sitting out this spring recovering from shoulder surgery, says he played all of last season with the bum shoulder.


TICKETS, GET YER TICKETS. Iowa football released 1,000 more tickets to their open practice in West Des Moines. Herky's Locker Room, in Valley West Mall, still had 600 tickets left as of last evenings news. Also, if you're interested in Iowa Basketball season tickets next year, you can get your name on the list at Hawkeye Sports.

THE BIG TEN HOOPS SCHEDULE WILL GET TOUGHER NEXT YEAR. Scott Dochterman breaks down Iowa's single-play opponents. This season, Iowa faced Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State only once. The Hawkeyes will get a home and road game against those three next season. Dochterman believes Iowa will play Indiana, Purdue and Northwestern only once.

IN IN-STATE RIVALRY NEWS. The Cyclones are a bunch of cheaters. It's not easy being in Ames (so many jokes). The clones also had a player get arrested for weed.

REDACTED APOLOGIZES. Eleven years later, Stevie what's-his-face says he's sorry. Can you feel his sincerity?


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