The (Hopefully) Weekly #BHGPMACtion Update

Rank Record User teams Last week This week Recruit time Ready? Status
-- 6-3 (4-3) hawk85eye
Ohio Bobcats
Lost 12-24
vs Bowling Green
vs #5 Akron
10 hrs, 00 min Change
-- 6-2 (3-2) whitespeedrecvr
Bowling Green Falcons
Won 24-12
vs Ohio
vs Miami University 0 hrs, 00 min Change
#5 8-0 (5-0) StealthBomb1
Akron Zips
Won 42-20
vs Miami University
vs Ohio
10 hrs, 00 min Change
#10 8-0 (5-0) POS15
Central Michigan Chippewas
Won 59-43
vs Toledo
vs #22 Western Michigan
10 hrs, 00 min Change
#20 6-2 (3-2) P-Diddy
Northern Illinois Huskies
Won 38-28
vs San Jose State
vs Buffalo 10 hrs, 00 min Change
#22 7-1 (5-1) pahawkfan
Western Michigan Broncos
Won 17-10
vs Ball State
vs #10 Central Michigan
10 hrs, 00 min

Recruit Now

MAC (East) Conf Overall
#5 Akron 5 0 8 0
Ohio 4 3 6 3
Bowling Green 3 2 6 2
Kent State 3 3 4 5
Buffalo 1 4 1 7
Miami University 1 5 1 8
MAC (West) Conf Overall
#10 Central Michigan 5 0 8 0
#22 Western Michigan 5 1 7 1
#20 Northern Illinois 3 2 6 2
Toledo 2 5 2 7
Ball State 1 4 2 5
Eastern Michigan 1 5 3 6

It was a pretty good week for the MAC. We have 4 top 25 teams and 2 top 10s. The conference prestige has increased to A-, third overall. All participants won, with the exception of Ohio, who lost in a close contest to WhiteSpeedReceiver's Bowling Green.

Quarterback injuries are occurring with alarming frequency. CMU's "Super-Frosh" Jared Palmer is out for the year, with a definite maybe status for a bowl appearance. Akron's Heisman leader QB Brandon Parker is out for this week, but it remains to be seen if hawk85eye's Ohio team can take advantage.

In the division races, hawktalker's Akron Zips are in the driving seat (as Phil Liggett would say,) holding a 2 game advantage. Over in the West, the situation is much tighter. Soltman45's CMU Chippewas hold a half game lead over pahawkfan's WMU, and YouCanPutYourEddsInIt's NIU would need some help to end up in first, but are not out of it by any stretch.

Game of the Week:

In one of the bitterly contested "Directional Michigan 3-Way Rivalry" games, CMU travels to Waldo Stadium with 1st place in the West on the line. WMU's Broncos have revenge on their minds after last season's debacle, and are not at all disturbed that Jared Palmer is hurt. Look for it in your regional TV listings.

Introducing the OTC Cup

In a newly announced competition, #BHGPMACtion coaches will vie for the OTC (On The Clock) Cup. Here are the rules:

1. Each week of the season, at his discretion, the Commissioner will award a point to the coach(es) who spent the most time "on the clock".

2. Less than 1 point may be awarded in a given week.

3. More than 1 point may be awarded in a given week.

4. Coaches who are awarded points may appeal to the Review Board.

5. If the Review Board deems an appeal to be unnecessary or frivolous it may, at its discretion, assign bonus points to the appealing coach.

6. The Review Board may also assign bonus points out of sheer cussedness. Do not underestimate sheer cussedness as a motivational factor.

7. The members of the Review Board are: 1. The Commissioner 2. No one else

8. Whenever more than 1 #BHGPMACtion coaches meet, the ranking OTC Cup coach MUST buy the first round. In the event of a tie, each of the tied coaches must buy a round.

OTC Cup Standings

This Week Overall
hawk85eye 0.5 0.5
WhiteSpeedReceiver 0.5 0.5
hawktalker 0.0 0.0
pahawkfan 0.0 0.0
soltman45 0.0 0.0
YouCanPutYourEddsInIt 0.0 0.0

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