An open letter to the IOC.

(The following is a letter I'm sending to the IOC in regards to the recent decision to cut wresting from the Olympics. Stated are actions I am taking to show my displeasure and disgust. This is not a call to arms, but reminder that each of us can (and has the responsibility) to change the unjust. I'm a firm believer in conscientious consumerism and making a difference with the wallet and stand by it. Yep, the gauntlet has been thrown, IOC! Enjoy!)

Greetings IOC,

In light of your decision to drop wrestling from the Olympics, I humbly request you choose to reinstate wrestling to its distinguished and rightful position among the competitions of the hallowed Olympics.

Wresting is pure.

It requires no pool. No horse. No mountain. No gun, net, pole, or bat. No court or glove or racket. It does not even need a ball. Ancient beyond compare. Described in literature for thousands of years.

Just two competitors. Nothing more, nothing less.

Wrestling in the United States is known internationally as Folkstyle. A sport of the people. A very determined, proud, tough people. The hornet's nest has be kick here and in Turkey, Russia, Iran and all over the world and now you, the IOC, are feeling the results. Nary can I think of a more dedicated and worthy athletics community dedicated to celebrating and honoring a beloved and timeless sport. Maybe a representative from the wrestling community (FILA) should have been included in the 12 person selection committee, such as pentathlon.

In the United States, local and national leaders are coming together in favor of wrestling. I support them wholeheartedly in this endeavor. On a personal level, I intend to help motivate a reinstatement of wrestling by the IOC by informing all of the Olympic sponsors, from Coke to Proctor & Gamble, McDonald's to Visa, Dow to GE, and others that I will be boycotting their products and services because of the actions of the IOC. I will also be contacting NBC to inform them that I will NOT be viewing the Olympics due to the choice, by the IOC, to eventually remove wrestling from the Olympics.

I hope that the correct decision will be forthcoming from the IOC. You are better than this.

Thank you,

Nick Grutz


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