The Rise and Fall of Bubu

The Bubu leaves. The Bubu returns.

Hilton Coliseum, September

Hoiberg_medium Bubu, can I have a moment?

Palo_medium Yeah, sure Coach. Whats's going on?

Hoiberg_medium Well, I have some bad news.

Hoiberg_medium I'm going to have to dismiss you from the team.

Hoiberg_medium You see, there was an appeal of your previous suspension, and it's really out of my hands.

Palo_medium No, Coach. I understand. No need to apologize.

Palo_medium I'll just pack my things and go.

Hoiberg_medium Please leave your practice gear in your locker. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Palo_medium /walks toward door to locker rooms

Iconcell_medium RING

Iconcell_medium RING

Iconcell_medium RING

Palo_medium What the --

Palo_medium Hello?

Hoiberg_medium Hi, Bubu? This is Coach Fred Hoiberg of the Iowa State Cyclones.

Palo_medium Yeah, Coach. I know. Your name came up on my caller ID. Also, you're standing on the opposite side of the gym.

Hoiberg_medium Hey, a little bird told me that you might be looking for a new program to play for.

Palo_medium Um, yeah. You just kicked me off --

Hoiberg_medium Have you ever given any thought to coming to Ames and playing for the Cyclones?

Palo_medium Yeah, I have. Until a few seconds ago, I wss playing for Iowa Sta --

Hoiberg_medium Well, I've had my eye on you for some time now. I'm pleased to inform you that we have a spot available for you with the Iowa State basketball program, and would be happy to bring you in.

Palo_medium You have wha -- that's my spot you're giving away.

Hoiberg_medium I know you would have to sit a year, but it's fine. Everyone on this team came from somewhere else. We build that into every scholarship we offer now.

Palo_medium But the Office of Judicial Affairs said I could not --


Hoiberg_medium I find it better to just not ask what made you leave your last school. Whether it be computer theft or assault and battery, I don't really care.

Hoiberg_medium You know how the British Empire populated Australia by letting criminals decide between death and relocation? Well, we're looking to become the Australia of college basketball!

Hoiberg_medium Whaddya say, mate? Wanna play some basketball 'down under'?

Palo_medium Um, yeah, sure.

Hoiberg_medium AWESOME

Hoiberg_medium When can you be here?

Palo_medium I'm already here. I'm waving at you right now.

Hoiberg_medium Oh yeah! I can see you! Excellent!

Hoiberg_medium Now, let's get you some practice gear.

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