Super Prediction Action Machine (Week of November 11, 2013)

Last week, Super Prediction Action Machine called a decisive Hawkeye win, 31-18. I wrote:

"The hapless Boilermakers did nothing (literally) against an OSU team with which Iowa was tied, on the road, going into the 4th quarter. The gap has widened here by a point. Iowa is giving up 14.5 in this game and the O/U is 45. SPAM says Purdue beats the spread but has 49 points scored. If you are a slavish devotee of SPAM, you take Purdue to cover and play the over."

The actual outcome was 38-14 Hawkeyes, for a total of 52 points. Purdue didn't beat the spread but the over was the right call. SPAM predicted 49 points scored, and they put up 52.

Once again I plugged the performance of the Big 10 back into the machine, and here is how SPAM sees the rest of Iowa's season shaking out:

W Michigan (29-26) (last week: W 29-28)

The Wolverines are slipping and SPAM has noticed. Last week SPAM flipped to a one-point Hawkeye win. This week the gap has widened to 3 points. I was worried last week about Iowa being predicted to lay down 29 on Michigan, and I still am. I don't see that without a defensive or special teams play that gives us a short field. However, Michigan putting up 26 on our defense seems like a stretch, too. I never want to count out Michigan, but playing this game at home off a bye on a reeling UM team, this is still basically a coin flip but I like Iowa's odds now.

L @Nebraska (29-24) (last week: L 31-25)

SPAM still inexplicably favors Nebraska in this game, primarily because it's in Lincoln, but the gap has narrowed a bit.

Overall SPAM has Iowa going 1-1 to finish the season and the Hawkeyes are at 6-4. That means a 7-5 season, which I think any of us would have been thrilled with after the 2012 fiasco. On the off chance the Hawkeyes manage to win both of these games, we've matched the 2008 squad's record, though the team obviously doesn't pass the eye test. This is a growing team that returns a lot of players at key positions. If Iowa runs the table and finishes 8-4, those signature wins provide momentum into 2014. Tack on a bowl win and 9-4 fits just fine. That, combined with a soft schedule in the next two years, may set Iowa up for a legit run at the B1G championship game in '14 or '15.

Or at least, I hope so, since I've been calling for a Rose Bowl win in 2014 or 2015 since, basically, the end of the 2009 season, and we'd all love it if I was right.

Season in Review

SPAM has called Iowa's overall record flawless to date (6-4) but not necessarily all games. SPAM had us losing to Minnesota but beating Northern Illinois. On points, SPAM has predicted total points scored to 91.22% accuracy.

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