CROWDSOURCING: NCAA Preseason Top 25 7-footers (and almost 7-footers)

Running with SMA's idea from the housekeeping thread. Below is a list of 7-footers on each of the 25 teams ranked in Sporting News' preseason poll. Schools are listed by preseason rank.

Notables cut off at 6'10". No good reason, I just thought it was a bit nuts that this list wasn't going to include the player probably considered to be the best big in the B1G, so I used him as a cut off. That's poor science, but so be it. We can use this list to start working on the rest of SMA's questions, block quoted below for reference.

As I was compiling the list I didn't think to note the class of each player, so I'll work to update that in the body after hitting publish. Mostly I wanted to get the list out there so we could see the raw numbers, and start to break it down to answer the "major factor" question.

7-footers are differences makers. So, the post I would like to see is on the 7-footers in college basketball. Namely, how many Preseason Top 25 teams have one (and also how many B1G teams have one), is that 7-footer a starter and is he predicted to be a major factor.

My sense is about 1/3 of the Top 25 will have one, maybe less. Most will start. I don’t know about the third question. It’s subjective. I know, for example, not everyone around here agrees with me on Woodbury’s importance.

1 Kentucky: Willie Cauley-Stein (7'0") - SO, Dakari Johnson (7'0") - FR


2 Michigan State: none

NOTABLES: Adreian Payne (6'10") - SR

3 Louisville: none

NOTABLES: Mangok Mathiang (6'10") - FR

4 Duke: none

NOTABLES: Marshall Plumlee (6'11") - FR

5 Arizona: Kaleb Tarczewski (7'0") - SO

NOTABLES: Matt Korcheck (6'10") - JR, Zach Peters (6'10") - SO

6 Kansas: none

NOTABLES: Landen Lucas (6'10") - FR

7 Michigan: none

NOTABLES: Mitch McGary (6'10") - SO, Jon Horford (6'10") - JR

8 Syracuse: none

NOTABLES: Baye Moussa Keita (6'10"), Chnonso Obokoh (6'10")

9 North Carolina: none

NOTABLES: Joel James (6'10") - SO

10 Oklahoma State: none

NOTABLES: Gary Gaskins (6'10") - JR, Mason Cox (6'10") - SR

11 Ohio State: none

NOTABLES: Amir Williams (6'11") - JR

12 Florida: none

NOTABLES: Damontre Harris (6'10") - JR

13 Oregon: none

NOTABLES: Waverly Austin (6'11") - SR

14 Wisconsin: none

NOTABLES: Frank Kaminsky (6'11") - JR, Evan Anderson (6'10") - JR

15 UCLA: none

NOTABLES: David Wear (6'10") - SR, Travis Wear (6'10") - SR, Sooren Derboghosian (6'10") - SR

16 Memphis: none

NOTABLES: Kuran Iverson (6'10") - FR

17 Gonzaga: Przemek Karnowski (7'1") - SO, Ryan Edwards (7'1") - FR

NOTABLES: Kyle Wiltjer (6'10") - SO

18 VCU: none


19 Tennessee: none

NOTABLES: Rawane Ndiaye (6'10") - JR

20 Marquette: none

NOTABLES: Chris Otule (6'11") - SR

21 Notre Dame: none

NOTABLES: Garrick Sherman (6'10") - SR, Tom Knight (6'10") - SR, Zach Auguste (6'10") - SO

22 UConn: Amida Brimah (7'0") - FR

NOTABLES: Phillip Nolan (6'10") - SO, Tyler Olander (6'10") - SR

23 Iowa: Adam Woodbury (7'1") - SO

NOTABLES: Gabriel Olaseni (6'10") - JR, Kyle Meyer (6'10") - FR

24 Virginia: none

NOTABLES: Mike Tobey (6'11") - SO

25 Indiana: Peter Jurkin (7'0") - SO

NOTABLES: Noah Vonleh (6'10") - FR, Luke Fischer (6'11") - FR

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