It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Time To Free Floyd

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

The Gophers Come to Iowa City and bring the pig with them.

THERE USED TO BE A REAL PIG. Not the bronze statue that we know and love as the Floyd of Rosedale. The real pig couldn't live forever and was buried under a spruce tree in Southern Minnesota. There's a lot more to the story, of course. Read Dochterman's story. There's video too.

IT'S NOT EASY FINDING SOMEONE THAT PICKS THE HAWKS TO WIN. Both ESPN Big Ten bloggers Brian Bennett and Adam Rittenberg predict Minnesota to win. Big Ten blogger Mark Hasty also takes Minnesota. Big Ten Network bloggers Brent Yarnia and Tom Dienhart are taking Minnesota too. But wait! There's one. Our own Cedar Rapids Gazette beat writer Marc Morehouse has Iowa 31, Minnesota 28.

IOWA'S HONORARY CAPTAIN KNOWS TOUCHDOWNS. Sedrick Shaw will serve as Iowa's honorary captain this week. It's also homecoming on campus. Here are some planned campus events.

NATE KAEDING OFFERS HIS TWO CENTS. Kaeding discusses the hangover from losses like Iowa's last Saturday. Nate adds that Ferentz "is like a master arborist" in that he can "see the forest, the trees, and a path through them." He can keep the team focused and ready when they are unsure about themselves. Kaeding cites the 2000 Hawkeyes and their losing ways. He writes, "this is not mindless coach-speak. In dark times, what else do you have to cling to? You follow the instructions of someone older and more enlightened; you lace up your cleats and go to work."

WATCH FOR THE ONSIDE KICK! Iowa actually practices special teams, Micah Hyde confirmed this. Iowa has had its share of special team stars. This year's version of Iowa football has yet to find a Jayme Murphy or Sean Considine. Iowa's kickoff team will have to worry about Troy Stoudermire as he's a weapon for the Gophers. Kickoffs into the endzone will be Iowa's best defense.

ANOTHER TOUGH GOPHER TO DEFEND. Donnell Kirkwood has emerged as Minnesota's top rusher. Kirkwood beat out three other running backs to sit at the top of the Gopher depth chart. He credits his improved blocking for earning the starting position.

THERE HAS BEEN ONE HAWKEYE PLAYER TO EMERGE. Marc Morehouse has an excellent piece on Iowa's newest running back. Mark Weisman had an interest in Iowa before accepting his only scholarship offer to Air Force. He has a scholarship at Iowa on the way in January. You earn those with six touchdowns and over 300 yards rushing in your first two games as a running back.

PHIL PARKER AND GREG DAVIS TALK TO HAWKEYE SPORTS. The topics: Minnesota's versatile offense, tackling well and practicing hard. James Morris is doing a good job (despite reports around campus he has been walking with a significant limp). Greg Davis says the attention to detail and the players attitude is helping the offense improve.

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