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Kirk Ferentz Press Conference: This Should Be Fun

Gary Dolphin has queued up 9 questions about the 2002 team, just in case.

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Ferentz: Would You Like to Play, Mr. Reporter?

Well, we had a pretty good idea that today's press conference would get chippy (not "Hawkeye Insider accusing Ferentz of blackballing DJK" chippy, but chippy nonetheless), and it did not disappoint.

An unidentified reporter asked a relatively innocuous question: Would there be any change in personnel for onside kick coverage? Seeing as how Minnesota has used an onside kick against Iowa each of the last two years, to say nothing for the fact that Ferentz's team lost to Central Michigan three days ago on another onside kick that it failed to recover, it would appear to be a rather important, fact-specific question.

Kirk didn't take it that way:

Q. Are you going to have the same personnel on onside kick coverage this week as last week?

COACH FERENTZ: We haven't had a long discussion on it yet this week, but I guess we are. Got any ideas? Are you eligible? He's not eligible.

Good one, Kirk. Loved the way you asked the reporter if he was eligible. You should have just asked him if he ever work a jock strap.

I will say this in Ferentz's defense: His response to the follow-up question was completely warranted, because it had to be one of the dumbest questions ever asked of anyone ever:

Q. What's it like the last three years against Minnesota in this past game to give up an onside kick?

COACH FERENTZ: What would you guess? We haven't celebrated, if that's what you're asking.

As for actual news, nothing much happened. Kirk went into a soliloquy of why the college punt rule is stupid (unlike the NFL, which allows only eligible receivers to move downfield until the ball is kicked except for when its refs are too busy eating a sandwich, college allows all players to let loose downfield as soon as the ball is snapped). He also de facto redshirted Michael Malloy, which might come as news to Michael Malloy but is unsurprising.


AIRBHG Update: Bullock, Canzeri, Weisman

Kirk Ferentz announced Tuesday that he's "hoping" Damon Bullock can play this week against Minnesota, but gave no further indication of Bullock's current condition. Bullock, who started at halfback for the first three games of Iowa's season, was quite literally knocked out of the Hawkeyes' win over Northern Iowa with a concussion. He did not play in last week's loss to Central Michigan.

As for Jordan Canzeri, who we are now dubbing WOODHEAD-BOT 3000, it's looking like he actually might play. Per the team's Twitter account:

Canzeri tore his ACL during spring practice in late March. If he were to return, it would be after a Rod Woodson-like six month rehab on an injury that normally takes 9-12 months to heal. If Bullock or Greg Garmon is available, I'm not sure what Canzeri would provide that isn't already covered, but hooray for him regardless.

Mark Weisman, who ran for 217 yards and three touchdowns on Saturday, is perfectly fine. Thanks for asking.

UPDATE RE: CANZERI: You lying bastards...


Max Shortell Will Start for Minnesota Against Iowa

Per Scott Dochterman, our original hopes are well-founded:

Shortell steps in for notorious Hawkeye-killer MarQueis Gray, who suffered a high ankle sprain two weeks ago in Minnesota's win over Western Michigan. Shortell, a sophomore, stepped in to go 10-for-17 for 188 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a pick against the Mustangs. He completed 16 of 30 attempts last week against Syracuse for 231 yards. He was a universal three-star recruit, and he looks a little like Chris Flenker.

Gray went 11/17 for 193 yards and a touchdown against Iowa last year, adding 62 yards and a touchdown on 11 carries. The performance generated his highest passer rating of the year, because of course it did. As a run-only quarterback in 2010, he ran 8 times for 39 yards and a score.


Ferentz: Coaches Weren't Ready

Per Rittenberg at ESPN, at least there's acknowledgement that last week's coaching errors were, in fact, coaching errors:

As for starting quarterback James Vandenberg, who went 16-for-25 for 215 and a score this week, but struggled mightily in the second half and has not looked like he wholly grasps the Greg Davis passing scheme (per Steve Batterson of the Quad City Times):


Kirk Ferentz Press Conference: This Should Be Fun

Kirk Ferentz talks to the assembled media today. I'm guessing there are going to be some pointed questions, followed by some serious Yellow Pages reading.

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